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More conversions than a church on Sunday

Olman J
Olman J

August 18, 2017

Create landing pages that deliver high-quality leads for life

According to a 2017 survey I’m making up right now, every three seconds a new ‘marketing hack’ blog post is published.

Sometimes these can be great new tricks to add to your arsenal.

But often they focus on tiny optimizations and make us lose sight of what really matters… like making a good first impression with new clients or customers.

And the best way of making a good first impression is by having beautiful landing pages that attract and convert visitors.

That's why today we're bringing you Landingi.

Landingi is an end-to-end solution for landing pages, created specifically for generating leads, the Holy Grail of online marketing.

Landingi gives anyone the ability to quickly build high-converting landing pages without having to hire outside help. (We say anyone because no coding knowledge is required to use Landingi.)

The intuitive visual drag and drop editor makes creating perfect, lead-generating landing pages easy. (Publish pictures, videos, texts, or Trump's tax returns. The opportunities are endless!)

Not sure where to start?

Just use one of Landingi's 100+, fully-editable templates to get the ball rolling.

Lifetime Access to Landingi

Tons of templates ready to go!

Because the editor has everything you need to create an awesome landing page, you will be making landing pages faster than you've ever imagined.

And if you're a digital marketer or web designer, you can flex your skillz on Landingi by using their HTML editor. Now you can save time designing the basic elements and then crank everything up a notch with your unique design style!

Also, you are not limited to editing landing pages before a campaign. You can make on-the-go changes at any time during a campaign based on your A/B test results.

You'll get better results using Landingi because you can personalize landing pages for your target audience. (Less money spent on PPC campaigns. Woohoo!)

Lifetime Access to Landingi

Landingi isn't just fantastic at helping you create landing pages, it also serves as a tool for gathering and managing all of your leads.

All information gathered from landing pages is stored in the inbox, which can be filtered by campaign. (You will save a ton of time searching for contacts.)

Leads are arranged chronologically, making it easier to monitor lead growth. (If needed for commercial or marketing purposes, you can download contacts via CSV/XLS.)

Lifetime Access to Landingi

Sumolings, right now, you can grab lifetime access to Landingi for only $49!

From hundreds of dollars per year to $49 once for lifetime access!

At this point, we are operating off of pure sorcery.

Click here for lifetime access to Landingi!

How does it compare to their regular plans?

Lifetime Access to Landingi

Need more than 50k monthly unique visitors? Buy this deal more times and stack the codes in the same account. (Ex: 3 codes = 150k visitors)

And if you ever need to upgrade because your business is kicking ass, you'll always have access to an exclusive discount.

Lifetime Access to Landingi

You can switch back to your lifetime plan at any time!

Lifetime Access to Landingi

With Landingi, you can integrate landing pages with a chosen e-mail marketing system or as a bonus - with Salesflare (integration coming within 60 days).

This will make management of the collected data, mailing, sending newsletters or activation of autoresponders much easier, and it will help you build effective marketing campaigns.

Lifetime Access to Landingi

Are you searching for a product that's different than the rest?

Good, because Landingi comes with:

  • A flexible creator that offers customizable mobile views and optimized images

  • Easy personalization with dynamic text replacement

  • Targeted landing pages thanks to duplicate feature

  • Excellent support with fast response time

For anyone who needs to create landing pages, whether you have specialist knowledge or not, Landingi saves the day.

This tool will help you focus on what matters most (lead generation process and tacos).


You have the chance to grab lifetime access for just $49!

Get it now before the codes are gone!

Start creating outstanding landing pages and generating leads!

P.S. Codes are stackable in same account. Multiply the number of unique monthly visits by buying this deal more times. Ex: Buy this deal 3x and get 150k unique monthly visitors.

P.S.S. Included for everyone who purchases this deal today:

Lifetime Access to Landingi

$49  $2,484

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Landingi

  • Unlimited landing pages, domains, and leads
  • Up to 50,000 unique visitors per month (across all pages)
  • 100+ Templates
  • 2 additional account users
  • CSV/XLS lead export
  • SSL support & Custom HTML / CSS / JS
  • Autoresponder integrations (not the built-in AR)
  • Facebook tab page integration
  • Communication integrations
  • Custom fonts along with all +800 Google Fonts
  • E-mail marketing integrations
  • A/B tests
  • Analytics & tracking integrations
  • Salesflare integration (coming soon)
  • Deal is stackable (multiply monthly visits by buying this deal up to 5 times)
  • Zapier (beta - must request access via chat)
  • All future updates in the Create plan are included
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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