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Say goodbye to Layers Pro

Olman J
Olman J

May 10, 2017

Last chance to get everything you need to create a kick-ass website before the timer expires

On May 5th, we announced the launch of the new Layers Pro 2 with an amazing deal.

And because we posted it on Cinco de Mayo, we understand some of you might have missed it, or not remember reading it.

(No worries, we here at AppSumo, were doing our part in keeping the tequila business alive and well.)

Lifetime Access to Layers Pro 2

Exhibit A.

But, because this Layers Pro 2 deal is amazing, we would be failing you if we didn't talk about it again and let you know you have less than 24 hours to grab it!

Before you say, "But AppSumo, what if we bought Layers Pro last year? Not fair!"

I'm here to tell you that your lifetime deal includes a free upgrade to Layers Pro 2 (and all future releases).

And if you want the 4 new themes & Showcase extension ($800 value), you can add them to your existing account by buying this deal - but ONLY for today :)

Get this killer Layers Pro 2 bundle now!

These Sumolings are loving the new Layers Pro 2:

Lifetime Access to Layers Pro 2

Lifetime Access to Layers Pro 2

Non-codeheads unite!

Lifetime Access to Layers Pro 2

Not bad Sumoling! No "judgsies" but we will post a screenshot of your newbie work :)

You can take a look at the site this WordPress newbie whipped up today:

Lifetime Access to Layers Pro 2

Once I move out of my mom's basement I know who to call!

Layers Pro 2 is a point-and-click website builder that is built right into WordPress.

By using Layers Pro 2, you can create jaw-dropping websites without any coding.

Since the last time we ran this deal there have been a lot of updates and additions for you to get your hands on.

For example, Layers Pro 2 brings you new widgets with customizable settings (font, border, gradient, shadow settings), a quicker design interface for non-Layers pages, and the ability to add animations to your site.

Lifetime Access to Layers Pro 2

So many new editing options!

The Layers Pro Extended license that let's you install on unlimited sites and also repackage & resell them normally costs $200.

Now, if we told you that we got you the Layers Pro 2 Extended license for $39, you guys would be pleased.

But we ain't aiming for pleased.

This $39 Layers Pro 2 extended license also includes:

  • 4 Themes (Peak, Audaz, Rayne, and Adeline). Use themes tailored to artists, writers, travelers, boutique agencies, fashion designers, and more.

  • Lifetime Access to Layers Pro 2

    Rayne Theme

  • 3 Icon Packs. Over 100 eCommerce and flatline icons
  • Lifetime Access to Layers Pro 2

    A few of the icons from the packs.

  • 2 Kits (DevKit and Store Kit). Add the power of CSS and Javascript editing to your WordPress and increase conversions with powerful widgets, page controls, and display options.

  • 1 Extension (Showcase Extension). Create beautiful portfolios with illustrations, photos, or videos

All of these add-ons would cost you over $1,200!

So for only $39, you are getting one heck of a deal!

You also have lifetime access to all future releases of Layers Pro.

But, you have to get it before the deal expires (which is in less than 24 hours!).

Click here now and get this amazing Layers Pro 2 bundle!

P.S. For the Sumolings who purchased the Layers Pro deal last year, you have access to the new Layers Pro 2 for free. If you want the 4 new themes & Showcase portfolio extension ($840 value), you can buy today's deal and add it to your account.

$39  $1,200

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Layers Pro 2 Extended License Bundle

  • Layers theme (downloaded 600k times)
  • Layers Pro 2 plugin
  • Showcase portfolio extension for Layers
  • 4 Layers Themes: Adeline, Audaz, Peak & Rayne
  • DevKit Live CSS editor plugin
  • StoreKit plugin
  • Install all bundled products on as many sites as you like. Repackage & resell
  • Free "Coming soon" landing page plugin called Launchpad
  • Three free icon packs (100+ icons)
  • Developer license - Use on unlimited sites
  • Support and lifetime updates of future versions of Layers Pro
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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