Ten lucky finalists will win time with our amazing lineup of mentors

Eric Ries
Hiten Shah
Noah Kagan
Dave McClure
500 Startups
Parker Thompson
Pivotal Labs
Patrick Vlaskovits
Entrepreneur's Guide to CustDev
Brad Feld
Ramit Sethi
Dharmesh Shah
Startup Junkie
Andrew Chen
Futuristic Play
Aaron Bell
Jason Cohen
Dan Martell
Brant Cooper
Entrepreneur's Guide to CustDev
Ash Maurya
Rashmi Sinha
David Hauser

And more coming soon...

The Lean Startup Challenge

Check out The Lean Startup for more Lean Startup Goodness

Wanna get your hands on:

  • $129,679 in total prizes?

  • $100,000 in cash prizes for startups?

  • $29,679 in product giveaways?

  • Priceless One-on-One time with our mentors?

Community voting for the elite mentors have begun: Lean Voting

It's quite simple:

  1. 1- Buy the Lean Startup Bundle*

  2. 2- Write a New blog post how you ARE being Lean. Bonus points if it includes using tools from the bundle. Note: Talk is cheap. We want real-life examples not flattering things about Eric's beard.

  3. 3- Submit here. Challenge ends Mar 23rd. Hurry up.

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"What can I win?"

We've worked our giant Sumo-butts off to get some HUGE prizes in here and some of the top mentors in the world.  Check them out:

$50,000 from "500 Startups" 
One $50,000 investment, access to the 500 Startups incubator program and Five $5,000 seed investments from the fine folks at 500 Startups.Grand prize won by ToutApp, Sonja Jacobs and Zferral.

$50,000 & incubation from Band of Angels and Pivotal Labs 
A $50,000 investment from BoA and office space, agile and lean development advice, a Pivotal Inception (two day deep dive on product planning) and help hiring from Pivotal Labs.Won by Impact Dialing

$10,000 of testing services from uTest 
$10,000 in functional, usability and/or load testing for your web or mobile apps.
Won by Zack from Monkey Island

$8,000 Recurring Billing Services from Chargify
Two 12 month plans with Chargify that will allow you to automate billing and payments for up to 2000 users plus advice on subscription services from the industry experts behind Chargify

$10,000 in hosting from Engine Yard
Six months of cloud-based hosting for your application up to $10k in resources plus an architectural consultation from Engine Yard's crack team of engineers.

$1,000 Twilio Voice & SMS Credit
$1k in credit from Twilio for the best usage of SMS in your business.Won by TK from Toutapp

Eric's choice
Receive one-on-one mentoring from Eric Ries, and attend the 2011 Startup Lessons Learned conference as his guest, including the VIP speakers' dinner.
Won by TK from Toutapp

The AppSumo + BizSpark Avalanche

Winner was Erik from Game Day Tycoon


Time with our mentors
Ten posts voted by the community will get matched to the Lean Startup mentors.  They will provide personalized feedback on your business and help the winners any way they can.  There are some world-class and well-known talents in this group (see them on the right).

Think your startup can use any of the above prizes?  Then buy the Lean Startup Bundle and enter now.

"Who can enter the Challenge?"

(Required): Any individual (or company) who buys the AppSumo Lean Startup Bundle.

You can be in ANY stage of your startup.  This includes:

  • Already funded startup
  • Working on a side-project
  • You and your buddy programming in mom's basement
  • Just kicking around an idea
  • There's no requirement of where you must be in the startup phase.


"How do I enter to win?"

Here's what you do....

1.) Buy the AppSumo Lean Startup Bundle.

2.)Build something cool

3.) Write a blog post showing how your startup is "Lean startup" or why you kick ass.  Here's a list of topics we brainstormed for you:

  • Demonstrate a way your startup is a "Lean Startup".
  • Ya think you need some funding?  Tell us why.
  • Show us how you've used the Lean Startup Bundle (or one of the companies in it) for your business. 
  • How viable is your product or business?
  • Are you a shameless self-promoter? Show us!
  • Another way is to completely ignore our suggestions and show us what you got in your own unique way!

3.) Click the gigantic blue button below to submit your startup:


"When does this start?"

The community voting starts March 7th and ends March 23rd.

This means entering early will give you an advantage (so get your hands on that bundle soon)!

...but fear not, our grand prize winners are picked by hand, not JUST the number of votes (although it helps).

Let's re-cap in case you forgot:

The Lean Startup Challenge Starts: March 7th, 2011

The Lean Startup Challenge Ends: March 23rd, 2011

Enter now


"AWESOME!  What do I do now?"

First.) Buy the AppSumo Lean Startup Bundle.

Second.) Write a blog post showing off your Lean Startup.

Third.) Click the gigantic blue button below to submit your startup for a chance to win the prizes above:

*No purchase necessary to enter. Mail a postcard to enter: AppSumo Inc. - 1601 e. Cesar Chavez St. #309 Austin, TX 78702

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