Lean Challenge 2012: "Kill the Wantrapreneur" Community Voting

Voting is open from April 1st through April 25th. Enter the Lean Challenge today!

Entries will be posted as soon as they are received. May the fattest Sumo win!

Matt - #leanvote2012-1 - Recruiting website for sales people.

Will - #leanvote2012-2 - Metabolic Kitchen is nutritionally customized and prepared meal service that delivers to your home

Gerard - #leanvote2012-3 - Landing logo that shows sales pitch when clicked

Manuel - #leanvote2012-4 - Wedding Planning for the Facebook generation.

Jared - #leanvote2012-5 - Facebook monitoring and archiving application for registered financial advisors that meets FINRA's compliance laws.

Alex - #leanvote2012-6 - Realtime to-do list for the workplace

Elie - #leanvote2012-7 - Online community for veteran military service men/women, their families, friends and supporters

Jacob - #leanvote2012-8 - Subscription based service to deliver batteries for the smoke alarms in your home before they expire.

Henk van Ess - #leanvote2012-9 - An app based on what niche experts read every day, shown in a Flipboard style.

Andrew - #leanvote2012-10 - App that allows people to calculate and offset their carbon emissions from day-to-day activities with just a couple of clicks on their phone.

Lu - #leanvote2012-11 - Simple way to get the best deal for your travel.

Ravi - #leanvote2012-12 - The ReFridge Network (RFN), this is an intelligent secondary marketplace for home appliances that aims to speedup adoption of energy efficient products.

Renzo - #leanvote2012-13 - Proprietary Social Network where managers and marketing people can add information, create relationship between contacts, track contact origins, etc..

Hannes - #leanvote2012-14 - Reciary is a social network where people can share recipes, be inspired by others and themselves by looking back.

Alex Ginsberg - #leanvote2012-15 - I want to save email by killing the inbox.

Sergio - #leanvote2012-16 - social buying location based platform

Ryan & Derek - #leanvote2012-17 - RoomWarden finds empty meeting rooms near you so you don't waste time looking for a place to meet. There are, however, still meetings. We can't fix that.

Antonio - #leanvote2012-18 - Collaborative development and funding for building great mobile apps

Michael Bernstein - #leanvote2012-19 - Aggregator/recommendation engine for cultivated plants

Collin - #leanvote2012-20 - App that syncs with Google Calendar or iCal and shares marked "free time" with selected friends in real time

Zhida - #leanvote2012-21 - Online course about doing better in school by working smarter then working harder!

Valentino - #leanvote2012-22 - Online collaborative think tanks

Ututo.me - #leanvote2012-23 - Place where you will find advisors interested in guiding and advising you

Ben - #leanvote2012-24 - Improving taking secondary education classes from live instructors easier

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