Learn to Edit Your Own Podcast
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Save money and time by learning to edit your own podcast like a pro.

Editing your own podcast takes forever… but you don't have the budget to hire someone to do it for you.

You're confused by things like compression and equalization, and the finished product always seems either too quiet or way too loud.

You've got great content, but you're losing listeners because your audio quality just isn't good enough.

Worst of all, you're tired of putting in so much effort and not seeing any results.

You don't feel like you're doing anything right or even that you're getting better at it.

You're burnt out, and you may even be about to quit.

Don't quit. The world needs your podcast!

You've got ideas that others want and need to hear! Don't quit on them, and don't quit on yourself either.

This course, Learn to Edit Your Own Podcast, will help you master the five podcast editing fundamentals of editing, compression, equalization, de-noising, and loudness normalization so that you can spend less time editing your podcast and more time creating, growing, and marketing it.

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Learn how to edit better and create higher quality audio for your podcast

Master the core concepts of editing, equalization, compression, de-noising, & loudness normalization

Live Q&A sessions & Facebook Group access for all Sumo-ling students

Best for: Podcasters currently struggling with the editing process and with low quality audio

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    • Learn to Edit Your Own Podcast Course

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      • Save money by learning to edit your own podcast like a pro

      • Stand out as a podcast with audio that sounds truly professional

      • Learn how to reduce or remove unwanted background noise

      • Discover how to make your podcast audio loud enough

      • Demystify the processes of compression and equalization

      • Use what you learn to take your podcast quality to the next level

      • High-definition video instruction and tutorials

      • Cheatsheets for quick reference, both on and offline

      • Quizzes, project files, and extra reading materials

      • Access to the Sumo-ling only Facebook group to ask for help and participate in live Q&A sessions

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