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The king of LinkedIn

Olman J
Olman J

March 18, 2018

Become a professional networking machine with Leonard

As far as growth apps for social networks go, LinkedIn gets treated like the red-headed step-child. (Don’t listen to what people say, we know you have a soul.)

None of these growth apps focus on LinkedIn—which is strange because that’s where all of the people with jobs and money are!

Currently, if you want to expand or engage your LinkedIn network, you have to spend hours on hours doing it manually.

This is where our friend Leonard and its genius automation saves the day.

Leonard is an easy-to-use sales, marketing, and growth automation bot for LinkedIn.

Growing your network on LinkedIn used to mean combing through connections and sending countless invitations.

But with Leonard, you can now automatically send personalized invitation requests in minutes.

Choose who you send an invitation to with filters such as keyword, industry, company size, location, and relationship (2nd connection, 3rd connection, group, etc.).

Lifetime Access to Leonard for LinkedIn

But we know it’s not enough to just add people to your network; you have to engage with them.

Leonard helps you get out there get more social in a couple ways:

  1. Send bulk personalized messages to your first connections. Messages can be customized on the spot or pulled from a template.

  2. Automatically view people’s profiles. LinkedIn is the only social media that notifies you if someone views your profile (thank goodness), and with this feature, Leonard keeps your pretty mug in everyone’s notifications.

Leonard's advanced AI allows for it to learn your LinkedIn behaviors so that it can perform tasks exactly like you would—naturally and with breaks.

Lifetime Access to Leonard for LinkedIn

I see you, Stanley.

Right now, Leonard users are connecting and expanding their network with as much effort as I put into stopping Netflix from automatically starting the next episode (none whatsoever).

And they're making this networking magic happen with the Business Plan, which includes:

  • 400/day Auto Profile Visits

  • 400/day Auto Tag Profiles (tag profiles to target specific groups)

  • 100/day Auto Invites

  • 300/day Personalized Bulk Messages

People are paying $99 a year for this plan to have Leonard be their LinkedIn Siri.

But, Sumo-lings, you have the chance to get lifetime access for just $49!

Automatically grow your LinkedIn here!

Want a plan with a little extra? Stack two codes and get lifetime access to the Leonard for LinkedIn Enterprise Plan.

The Enterprise Plan will give you:

  • Purchase 2 codes to get Enterprise Plan

  • 500/day Auto Profile Visits

  • 500/day Auto Tag Profiles (tag profiles to target specific groups)

  • 200/day Auto Invites

  • 500/day Personalized Bulk Messages

  • 500/day Personalized Bulk InMail Messages (message someone even if they aren't in your network)

Now, just because Lenny is covering you at work doesn't mean you play hookie. Best practices include manual work like having safe settings to avoid upsetting the LinkedIn POS, posting valuable content, and personal interaction.

These users love having their very own butler for LinkedIn:

Lifetime Access to Leonard for LinkedIn

Lifetime Access to Leonard for LinkedIn

Free or paid, you won’t find another tool in the market that is as easy to use or has as many automation features for LinkedIn.

Most of the action will take place inside of Leonard for LinkedIn’s CRM dashboard—this is where you manage how you connect with your network.

In the CRM dashboard, you can manage invitation requests, create message templates for connection invitations, follow up messages, and general messages, and add tags.

Lifetime Access to Leonard for LinkedIn

Being well-connected on LinkedIn is important, but it shouldn't cost you all of your free time.

Leonard for LinkedIn saves you time with automation, all while helping you capitalize on your connections.

Sumo-lings, it's no secret that certain aggressive practices can flag your account - be cool and don't disrespect LinkedIn's platform so you don't get banned.

Remember: “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Strengthen your professional network for just $49!

P.S. Stacking two codes will unlock lifetime access to the Enterprise plan.

Lifetime Access to Leonard (Business = 1 code & Enterprise = 2 codes)

  • 400/day Auto Profile Visits, Endorsing & Follow for Business Plan
  • 500/day Auto Profile Visits, Endorsing & Follow for Enterprise Plan
  • Auto Invite (personalized) - 100/day for Business Plan
  • Auto Invite (personalized) - 200/day for Enterprise Plan
  • Scheduled Posts - 100/day for Business Plan (coming soon)
  • Scheduled Posts - 300/day for Enterprise Plan (coming soon)
  • Personalised Bulk Messages - 300/day for Business Plan
  • Personalised Bulk Messages - 500/day for Enterprise Plan
  • All InMail features (Enterprise Plan Only)
  • Campaign features (Enterprise Plan Only - coming soon)
  • CRM Integrations & Multi Profile Management (Enterprise Plan Only)
  • One code = Business Plan / 2 codes = Enterprise Plan
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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