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Last chance to become a technical marketing ninja for only $39

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

April 28, 2016

Only 24 hours left to learn technical marketing skills to grow your business for $150+ off!

Last week we brought you the Marketing for Product People everything bundle and y'all loved it.


Because it teaches you a set of advanced skills that would even make Liam Neeson blush:

  • How to build quick and dirty analytics funnels in Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and more.

  • How to use twitter's new lead gen feature to quickly grow your email list (very few people are utilizing this tactic)

  • How to build a launch plan that actually generates you revenue.

Normally, this complete package would run you nearly $200.

With us? You get it for only $39!

Click here to get it now!

Over 1,000 sumo-lings have already scooped this deal and are raving about the deal:

Get Marketing for Product People for $39 now!

So what's included?:

  • How about a 160+ page book (in PDF, ePub, mobi, and audio formats) covering everything from analytics to conversion focused design.

  • Video interviews with 10 top entrepreneurs.

  • 10+ tutorial videos covering topics from the book AND a ton of extra bonuses like PDFs, themes, and more!

Normally, the complete training package (with books, videos, bonuses, and even the website theme) would run you $195.

Instead, you can get everything listed below for only $39!

Click here to buy it now!

P.S. This deal ends tonight at midnight CT. Get it now before the clock strikes zero!

$39  $195

Starts In

Marketing for Product People Everything Bundle

  • The book: PDF, ePub, Mobi, audio book, and online version.
  • Worksheets: Prospects Ranked by Priority, Audience Discovery
  • 11 tutorial videos including Hello World, The Lean Marketing Stack, Using Segment, Using Google Analytics, and more!
  • 11 interview videos including Des Traynor (Intercom), Sacha Greif (Discover Meteor), Brian Casel (Audience Ops) and more!
  • Two guides: Product Hunt Handbook and Hacker News Handbook.
  • Code sample: implementing Segment tracking in a simple HTML form.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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