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Marketing to Mindstates

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Your marketing campaigns would be le-gen-(wait for it)-dary if you could just figure out what your customers were thinking.

But short of hiring the crew from Inception, you’re not sure how to get into their heads to find out what’s keeping your content at bay.

You need a way to use behavioral psychology to drive purchases and increase campaign effectiveness, all condensed into an easy-to-understand book.

Introducing How to Market to Mindstates.


Learn how to bypass subconscious filters and reach consumers

Understand and define temporary moments of influence called “mindstates,” then use them to optimize messaging

Access deep insights into consumer context and decision-making to influence behaviors

Best for: Brand marketers and agencies who want to leverage psychology to improve their marketing efforts

How to Market to Mindstates is an ebook that teaches you how to bypass consumers’ unconscious filters and drive new behaviors for better marketing strategies.

Learn the reasoning behind human behaviors and use it to leverage your marketing!

In order to influence behavior, you’ve got to understand it first.

How to Market to Mindstates gives you a detailed breakdown of why we choose the actions we do.

You’ll figure out how to define consumer goals, then how to target these goals to create stronger emotional connections between them and your brand.

It sounds technical, but it’s all very accessible, with real-world examples to guide you along and illustrate concepts.

Framing your brand for optimal consumer engagement is also part of the Mindstates process.

Learn how people approach their goals through one of two focuses: promotion focus or prevention focus.

The difference between these two processes helps you define whether you’re positioning a product to help them achieve a goal or avoid negative consequences.

Through this framing, you can more effectively connect with consumers and subtly prime them for your messaging.

Context is instrumental to understanding motivations and predicting behavior.

You’ll become adept at identifying the 4 key factors for consumer decision making: location, people, feeling, and choice architecture.

With these factors informing your marketing decisions, you’ll have a distinct advantage with reaching your customers, as well as influencing their behaviors on a subconscious level.

The ebook goes step-by-step on how to use all of your new tools to the utmost potential, so you can reach the height of your marketing game.

You’ll also learn how to decipher motivations, and absorb years of motivational psychology research through the straightforward text.

Get ready to discover the 9 psychological motivations that drive most of our decisions and actions.

Regardless of your field of study, these motivations are universal and can be applied to any market.

Like Voltron, all of the book’s concepts link up to form a comprehensive behavior design technique that helps trigger emotional mindstates.

These mindstates prime the consumer to follow through with a purchase.

Like an indecisive Carmen Sandiego, most consumers don’t even consciously know what they want and leave you to chase them around with best guesses.

It’s time to use behavioral psychology to figure out why customers make the subconscious decisions they do, then create optimized messaging to get the best results.

And Sumo-ling, this ebook is coming at you for a price that’ll blow your mind.

Get free access to How to Market to Mindstates today!

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      • Defining Consumer Goals: Emotional connections between your brand and the consumer

      • Brand Framing: People approach their goals using one of two focuses, a promotion focus or a prevention focus

      • Context is Everything: How to affect consumer decision making

      • 9 Motivations that drive consumer behavior

      • Why behavioral design trumps intuition

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