The Prom King Bought A Franchise
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Franchising sounds like a good idea to get into business, but without going it alone. There's a system to follow and people to help you.

However, you are also in business with all of those characters you thought you left in high school. The jocks, geeks, cheerleaders, and that weird kid that everyone knew, but no one knew anything about.

You didn't think you left all those people in high school...did you?

The skills you learned the hard way in high school are also skills needed to succeed as a franchisee. You learned how to work with, around, or push out of the system the characters that shared class space with you. You made it work way back then and you can do it again.

Yes, there is a prom in franchising! It's called "Convention" to make it sound less fun, but it's the same. Everyone dresses up, acts better than they normally do, and someone sneaks in alcohol.

You don't have to be a franchisee to enjoy the book. You are, however, responsible for turning in your homework!
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      • The Prom King Bought A Franchise

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