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You've spent days (weeks, if we're being honest) crafting the perfect blog post.

So the moment you hit publish, people are going to come flocking to read it, right? Right?! 

Wishful thinking, but you need to actually promote your post to get traction.

This is where Missinglettr, the social campaign superstar, comes in.


Convert each blog post into a year-long, traffic-driving social campaign

Let AI and Machine Learning optimize your social posts with quotes, images, and hashtags

Promote guest posts, automatically re-publish on Medium, customize posts/URLs, and more

Best for: Bloggers who want to put their marketing on autopilot

Missinglettr turns every blog post into a year's worth of social media campaigns designed to drive traffic and increase engagement.

Getting started is a walk in the park (a Sunday 12 pm walk, not a Tuesday 4 am walk).

Regardless of platform (WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, etc.), Missinglettr will automatically detect when you've published a new post.

Then, using AI and Machine Learning, Missinglettr formulates a series of social media posts that are pre-filled with quotes, hashtags, and images! (They even show you how "lit" each hashtag is.)

From there, all you have to do is edit, tweak, and approve!

Missinglettr will gradually drip the content out over 12 months (you can also edit campaign duration) to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

So kick your feet up on your desk and watch Missinglettr increase your traffic and engagement.

What other features does Missinglettr have, you ask?

It has speech bubble branding (choose and edit a range of themes), branded imagery, custom URL shorteners, content templates, and guest post promoting (enter the URL or have it automatically detected via an RSS feed).

Missinglettr also gives you analytics on your campaigns so you can see improvement over time.

And each piece of content created and sent out via Missinglettr is tracked and monitored for clicks.

What makes Missinglettr different from other tools is that it doesn’t just post content for you, it curates branded content, and its smart algorithm comes up with posts so you don't have to.

Missinglettr doesn’t help you generate buzz just on social media; you can also make waves on Medium.

Missinglettr will repost your entire blog post to your Medium profile. (Don’t worry, your SEO reputation won’t take any hits.)

If you’re a writer, you want to spend your time #writing, not picking hashtags.

So let Missinglettr handle the repetitive and time-consuming process of putting together social media posts so you can get back to what matters.

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      • Branding Customization

      • Advanced Analytics

      • Custom Drip Schedules

      • Custom Content Templates

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