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Save your blog posts from the content graveyard

Olman J
Olman J

May 3, 2017

This year's top AppSumo deal for bloggers is about to sell out!

Do you post your content on social media?

Did you buy the Epicbeat deal?

Would you love to save time manually organizing, creating captions, pulling images and scheduling your content?

If you answered yes to ANY of these - this deal is a no-brainer and a must have.

Sumolings have seen a massive spike in blog views by using Missinglettr already.

Y'all have swarmed on this deal like mosquitoes on a humid summer night.

Lifetime Access to MissingLettr

Lifetime Access to MissingLettr

Lifetime Access to MissingLettr

Lifetime Access to MissingLettr

Over forty 5 taco reviews in one week!

And by this time tomorrow, this deal will be gone and you'll be left behind in the game.

Missinglettr creates social media campaigns that are designed to drive traffic to your blog.

Every time you publish a post, Missinglettr will immediately go into overdrive and formulate social media posts that contain quotes, hashtags, images, and more!

These posts will then be scheduled to be automatically sent out on your social media platforms.

Right now you can post on Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn. The Facebook integration is complete and should be approved by FB and live any moment now (Pinterest and IG on roadmap).

(You can add up to 25 social media profiles!)

That's right, you focus on producing the awesome content and Missinglettr has your back with the marketing.

And yes, you can review all marketing campaign suggestions before it starts sending.

Want to know what these Sumo-lings have access to?

We bet you do.

Our Missinglettr Small Team plan deal comes with:

  • Link MissingLettr to UNLIMITED sites

  • 10 campaigns per week per site

  • 25 social profiles (Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Facebook coming soon!)

  • An extra team member account to help manage all of your success on your dashboard

  • The ability to let clients review campaigns

Missinglettr will automatically take each of those blog posts and create a structured 9-event campaign over 12 months, sending it out to as many of those 25 profiles as you want. It could literally be thousands of posts a year!

This deal is great for all of your future blog post campaigns (and you can even set up campaigns for old posts).

Lifetime Access to MissingLettr

Normally, the Small Team plan would cost you $780/yr.

However, you can get it right now for a measly $49!

Lifetime access for automatic scheduling for every single blog post is beyond worth the $49 in time alone.

Get your code now before the timer expires! (Once codes are gone, MissingLettr will be too!)

Click here to make your blog game strong!

P.S. MissingLettr & Epicbeat will be discussing an integration. FB integration has been submitted and should be approved at any moment.

$49  $500

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Missinglettr Small Team Plan

  • Link unlimited sites
  • 10 campaigns per week per linked site
  • 25 social profiles - Twitter, LinkedIn & Google + (FB will be live at any moment now)
  • Auto image creation
  • Top hashtag suggestions
  • Additional team member
  • Campaigns for past blog posts
  • External campaign approvals
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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