An Hour with Chief Sumo Noah Kagan

Get a Sumo-mentor for an hour and he'll answer all your questions about growing your business.





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You’ve watched as AppSumo grew from a “Sumo-in-training” to a full-fledge “Fat Ass Sumo” with 500,000 users in just 18 months.

What was behind that massive growth?

Well there’s three people that know how it happened the best: Noah Kagan, Andrew Chen, and Jeff Novak.

And guess what Young Sumo-ling… now you can talk to Noah for a full hour about YOUR business.

Ask him anything you want, and he will openly answer.

If you currently have a business you’re trying to make BIG… or need advice on running a business...THIS is the perfect chance to ask a fat Sumo about it.


Here’s some of Noah’s resume:

  • #30 at Facebook.
  • #3 at Mint.
  • Founder at Gambit.
  • Founder of AppSumo.

All before he was 29.

Maybe he knows what he’s doing? He’s also a damn-fast speaker who definitely won’t waste your hour.

Noah’s notoriously brash and to the point. If you’re stalling on something, Noah will stop you mid-sentence and tell you what you NEED to hear...not just what you want to hear. Sometimes it’s not pretty... but it’s almost always right.

If you’ve ever seen Noah in action on an AppSumo video... you know that he fires off advice at rapid speed. Paying for an hour alone with Noah would totally be worth it (giggity).


  • How the hell do you hire so many good people?
  • I’m still too scared to start a company, where do I start? (Noah will rip you a new one on this)....
  • I have a small business, now how do I start growing it?

OK OK OK… enough about fat-ass Sumos... and onto you:

This deal lets you buy an hour of time with Chief Sumo Noah Kagan.

You can have your one hour of time over the phone or Skype while he mercilessly critiques your business.

You can spend the next five hours reading free blog posts on the internet and get so-so business advice from bloggers.

OR you can buy an hour of time from a Sumo who’s been-there-done-that… and he’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done on your business.

The Return On Investment for this session will be immense.

This deal will very likely sell out quickly....so make sure you reserve your spot now. Us Sumos have a business to run, so we’re limiting the amount of sessions we sell.

Grab this deal now, and we’ll speak with you soon!

The Chief “Pimping myself out” Sumo

P.S. Rather talk to Andrew? Click here. Rather talk to Jeff? (Sold Out).

P.S. Please don’t abuse your hour of time by asking this Sumo to take his clothes off. AT LEAST be courteous and throw $1 bills at him if you’re going to ask.

P.P.S. If this deal gets TOO many people buying, we’ll shut it off. We all have limited time, so we can only honor a small amount of these sessions. This deal will be strictly be First Come, First Serve... so get it quickly.

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