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Are you really listening to your customers?

Olman J
Olman J

April 9, 2017

OpenVoyce uses a simple voting system to show you what is most important to your customers

As a consumer, what is one thing you wished more businesses would do?

Yes, "give out free stuff" is a terrific answer, Sharon.

However, I was thinking more along the lines of listening to our suggestions and feedback regarding products.

Just knowing that a business is actually listening to us makes us feel great.

So why aren't we giving our own consumers the same opportunity?

To make sure we listen to our customers, check out OpenVoyce.

Lifetime Access to OpenVoyce

OpenVoyce is a place where your customers come to be heard.

Through OpenVoyce's platform, customers can make suggestions for your product, discuss those suggestions, and then vote on the suggestions as a group.

OpenVoyce is a fantastic way to field suggestions because it lets customers know they are not alone and often times have the same ideas and suggestions as other customers.

Then once the votes start to roll in, you'll really understand what it is they want as a collective whole. (My guess is more tacos with each product.)

If you're smart, you'll be inspired by their suggestions, make the necessary changes/additions to your product(s), and then watch your customers turn into a community of brand ambassadors!

Lifetime Access to OpenVoyce

Show everyone how great your company is at solving requests!

Ordinarily, if you wanted five of your products on OpenVoyce for a year, it would cost $20 per product per month - that's $1,200/yr.

But, you Sumo-lings voted to get this deal at a much lower price. (Do you see what I did there?)

So, for as long as we have codes, Sumo-lings can grab lifetime access for up to 5 products for just $35!

Also, if you want to add more products in the future, OpenVoyce will let you do so at 50% off their price!

That 50% off of additional products is lifetime as well!

Click here for lifetime access to OpenVoyce!

Your customers want to be heard. Listen to them.

OpenVoyce uses advanced AI techniques to provide previous suggestions if a user is asking something that already has been asked - so no redundant suggestions!

Unlike traditional support channels, OpenVoyce makes it incredibly easy for users to see what other users are suggesting.

Thus, really providing traction for the common, important themes.

Lifetime Access to OpenVoyce

This saves you time and money!

No longer will you have to sift through replies in support channels or try new features that customers may not care about.

Using OpenVoyce as a business owner will help you make better decisions in regards to product development.

What else is OpenVoyce great for besides ideas for product iterations?

Well, you can also use OpenVoyce to collect suggestions on subjects for future webinars, blog topics, courses and whatever you need inspiration for!

Now, instead of guessing what will be a cool/interesting/engaging topic for your next piece of content, you can focus on what actually matters to the folks on the other end of the screen.

When you understand what your community truly wants and needs from you, business becomes MUCH easier... and your customers will fall in love with you (which is the whole point, right?)

Perfecting your products won't be this easy elsewhere.

Heck, just the time saved on sifting through support channels is worth the $35.

So use your better judgment and grab this deal.

Five products on OpenVoyce for life for only $35.

Start listening to your customers now!

P.S. You can buy multiple deals and combine codes to add more products to your account.

$35  $3,600

Starts In

Lifetime Access to OpenVoyce

  • OpenVoyce platform on up to 5 items (products, webinars, events, blog posts, courses, etc)
  • Embed OpenVoyce directly into your website
  • No Branding
  • Buy multiple deals to add more products
  • This offer is non-refundable.

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