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PixelKit is here to revive your design career

Olman J
Olman J

August 7, 2016

and even your love life. (Ok, maybe just your design career)

Let's talk about your last design project.

You spent way too much time aligning boxes and creating icons.

Let's cut your project time in half with PixelKit.

PixelKit boasts some of the most flavorful UI kits and design resources you have ever seen!

Lifetime access to PixelKit

Lifetime access to PixelKit

Lifetime access to PixelKit

Lifetime access to PixelKit

Lifetime access to PixelKit

Six reasons why you need this PixelKit deal:

  1. Extensive graphics - this deal has 1,000's of icons and elements, and this means that customizing your work is far easier and faster than ever.
  2. Compatibility - every kit works with 960 grids, and this means you can incorporate them into nearly any HTML layout.
  3. Scalability - every graphic can be scaled as needed.
  4. Mobile - you cannot feasibly work in web design if your pages are not also mobile browser friendly, and with the PixelKit features you are mobile compatible.
  5. Lifetime access - You will have access to all designs added in the future - forever.
  6. Easy Licensing - You can use all the kits for personal or commercial work.

Whether this is for clients or yourself, PixelKit will keep your design game strong and aesthetically pleasing.

Normally, these files would run you $39 per year.

If you wanted the HTML files too, you'd have to pony up $89/year.

But, today is no ordinary day.

Today, we bring you the full PixelKit deal (Developer package) for a mere $29 for life!

*spits out coffee* "Only $29 for lifeee?"

Yep, only $29.

(Clean the coffee off your keyboard - no one likes a sticky keyboard)

Click here to get PixelKit Developer for life!

Lifetime access to PixelKit

Lifetime access to PixelKit

Lifetime access to PixelKit

Lifetime access to PixelKit

Lifetime access to PixelKit

Lifetime access to PixelKit

Most companies will try to work you over by selling design kits as separate kits.

Not PixelKit. None of that nonsense going on here.

And more importantly, with the other guys you can't use most of the kits in commercial projects. (So why are you paying extra money?)

With this deal:

  • All the kits can be used for commercial work (like themes, templates, client websites or your dating landing page - you smooth operator)
  • Twitter Bootstrap is used as a reference for all icons and graphics. Graphics are very easy to integrate into your templates.
  • Layered PSD Files for all the kits
  • Complete GUI kits (including HTML), extensive icon packs, mobile app interfaces and premium graphics
  • Access to all future PixelKit design resources

Are you really going to pretend like your time isn't worth more than $29?

If you use this just once it will pay for itself.

Take advantage of this deal before it disappears.

Get Lifetime access to PixelKit now!

P.S. - I started using PixelKit last week, and I've already been on three hot dates. Coincidence? I think not.

$29  $445

Starts In

Lifetime Access to PixelKit Developer

  • Lifetime access to PixelKit
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Layered PSD Files for all the kits
  • Bootstrap HTML files for the kits that were implemented on Bootstrap
  • Access to all design resources added in the future
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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