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A Friday freebie if you work too much

Noah Kagan
Noah Kagan

February 21, 2014

The book "Play It Away" will show you how to cure your anxiety and stress from working too much

In 2012, I hit a wall where I was anxious, overworked, and unhappy.

But AppSumo was doing it’s best ever: nearly 20 employees and a high 7 figure revenue.

We’re often taught that the more we work ... the more successful and happier we should be.

However, it’s often the opposite.

I was working like crazy and just didn’t feel like myself.

After a rough year, there were a few things that really helped me feel like myself again:

  1. Being around great people
  2. Picking activities that are fun for me
  3. Removing anchors in my life

Recently a good friend of mine, Charlie Hoehn, had a similar realization.

I remember having dinner with Charlie last year, looking at him and … he just didn’t seem alive. It reminded me of myself from 2012.

I met Charlie when he was Tim Ferriss’s right hand man. He was working like crazy and helping people like Tucker Max, Ramit Sethi, Seth Godin and more with their successful book launches.

So 2 months ago I met up with Charlie again and surprisingly, he seemed like a different person. He loved life.

Here's how Charlie looks nowadays :-)

Here's how Charlie looks nowadays. Look at that smile :-)

I had to know ... how did he change so much in such a short period of time?

He said I had to buy his new book to learn why.

WTF! Dude, we're friends!

Well, I listened to him and got an early copy of his new book “Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety”.

And I devoured the entire book in less than 2 days. It was an incredibly easy, fun, and valuable read.

In the book, Charlie goes over what caused his anxiety, the "A-ha!" moment that lead to his cure, and the exact steps he took to get his life back.

Even now that I’m feeling myself again his book has excited me to make my life better and do things like:

  • Trying out an improv class
  • Doing some weird series of stretches called Tension Relaxing Exercises
  • Paddle boarding

If you feel that work is taking over your life and you feel constantly stressed and anxious, Charlie’s book is for you.

He goes over how to:

  • Stop feeling guilty when you’re not working
  • Turn your worries into background noise through meditation
  • Improve sleep and why you should nap more

Just for you sumo-lings, Charlie hooked you up big time.

Regularly, he sells his book on Amazon for $12 which is already stupid affordable for this content.

Until tonight at midnight CST, we’re giving you a sumo-edition PDF of Charlie’s book ... for free.

Yep, you read that right. You're paying zero, zilch, nada for this amazing book.

This special sumo-edition of the book contains commentary from Charlie written just for you sumo-lings. It’s like an exclusive behind-the-scenes version of the book.

You have less than 24 hours to get this freebie.

Don't make this just another PDF that sits in your download folder. If you take just 2 hours to read through Charlie's book, you'll learn how to manage your stress, work better, and be happier.

Click here and grab it before it’s gone for good.


Starts In

"Play It Away" by Charlie Hoehn

  • Special Sumo-Edition PDF of "Play It Away" including behind-the-scenes notes from author Charlie Hoehn.

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