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*Leans into podcast mic* Is this thing on?

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

October 11, 2016

Grow your fanbase by mastering the art of podcasting

Abraham Lincoln's "Four score and seven years ago" podcast captivated a national audience and solidified him as one of the greatest podcasters ever.

Since then, podcasters around the world have tried to mimic Great Abe.

With good reason, podcasting can open many doors (especially ones leading to tacos).

Why? Well for one, you can record a podcast episode in under 30 minutes. (When was the last time you churned out a blog post in under 30 minutes?)

Second, you get to interview your heroes. What better way to network with industry experts than by inviting them on your show?

Third, people can hear your voice and actually "get to know you". There's so much more emotion you can put into a podcast.

Lastly, it's free! It costs almost nothing to start a decent podcast. You can even use your iPhone earbuds to be your first microphone.

The only problem? It's SUPER EASY to start a crappy podcast that nobody listens to and you abandon after 5 episodes.

A little planning upfront can help you build an amazing podcast that you'll still be growing years from now.

And sure you can read a free article online filled with affiliate links and out-of-date info...

OR, you can follow this step-by-step plan to launch a SUCCESSFUL podcast series today!

Introducing: Podcast Like A Boss.

Taught by a team of awesome podcasters (Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon of "Being Boss" and Jason Zook and Paul Jarvis of "Invisible Office Hours" fame), you will learn the exact path to growing a popular podcast.

Get Podcast Like A Boss for only $39!

Get Podcast Like A Boss for only $39!

And with 1.5m downloads between them, they MIGHT know a thing or two about podcasting.

Get Podcast Like A Boss for only $39!


Well, normally, Podcast Like A Boss would run you almost $300.

We asked, how about ~90% off?

At first they were hesitant, but after a few drinks and some mechanical bull riding (this isn't Paul's first Rodeo), they obliged.

Today, you can get access to Podcast Like A Boss for only $39!

It might not be New Year's but we're cracking open a bottle of champagne!

Click here to get access now for only $39!

Podcast Like A Boss teaches you how to:

  • Brand yourself properly from day one (funky bass intros matter people!)
  • Format a show so that it's informative and well-structured
  • Not sound like a middle-school's morning announcement (remember those?)
  • Properly use systems and automations (yayy lazy podcasting!)

Get Podcast Like A Boss for only $39!

For anyone interested in not only podcasting, but kicking ass while doing it, this course is for you!

There are other workshops/courses you could take to learn how to podcast.

However, they aren't nearly as in-depth as this one.

They won't give you all of the secrets on how to launch and market your podcast.

They won't help you grow a (loyal) fanbase.

And, most importantly, they won't teach you how to have money flowing into your bank account.

Podcast Like A Boss is a cut-above the rest.

You're getting specific information on how to make sure your podcast doesn't suck, and you're getting it from a team that is eager to see you succeed.

If you have a little time and $39, you have everything you need to become a great podcaster.

Commit to being a better podcaster today and in the future (this deal includes future updates in case iTunes changes their tune).

Your audience is waiting!

Click here to get access now!

$39  $279

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Podcast Like A Boss Masterclass

  • Lifetime access to masterclass on launching a podcast that help drives your business forward
  • Learn how, when, and where to brand yourself and how to properly format a show
  • Lifetime access to 8 epic modules such as Branding & Positioning, Launching & Marketing, and Monetizing & Sponsors
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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