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Poudle Mindfulness uses sounds or mantras to improve your focus and make you calmer.

Everybody wants to live in a positive mental state.

But do people really know how to approach it?

Poudle Mindfulness is designed to make your mind more healthy.

Once we are more aware of our emotions, our mind chooses to focus on positive thoughts.

Monks have been using sound frequencies to improve their focus and get a clearer picture of their life's purpose for centuries now.

With Poudle Mindfulness, you have access to those sounds and techniques in a more accessible, easy-to-use interface.

You could meditate on sounds using the built-in timer for 10, 30, or 60 minutes -- any time of the day!

Poudle Mindfulness has 10 different emotional channels to switch between, and regular practice of becoming more aware of those emotions stabilizes your brain.

Users have shown evidence of relaxed mind states, improved focus, and reduced brain fog.

With a lifetime of access, you could meditate whenever you want and wherever you want.

Get lifetime access to Poudle Mindfulness now!


Meditate on mantra sounds to improve your focus and gain clarity

Options of 10 different channels of emotions that help you practice and become more aware of your emotional states

Built-in timer to set and track meditation timings from options of 10, 30 or 60 minutes, plus infinite looping of a mantra

Best for: Meditation enthusiasts and beginners wanting to handle stress better, improve focus, and stabilize their mind state

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    • Poudle Mindfulness

      One Time Purchase of

      • Unlimited lifetime access to scientifically-picked mantra music

      • New guided meditations every month

      • Unlimited hours of meditation

      • Unlimited streaming of mantra music

      • In-built meditation timer to track and set meditation timeframes from options of 10, 30, or 60 minutes

      • Improves focus and reduces brain fog

      • Research shows evidence of increased mental calmness, confidence, and analytical skills

      • Sleep music to help you get to sleep fast and sleep like a newborn

      • Emotional music to make you more aware and let go of the emotional hurt

      • Relaxation music to help you become calm and stabilize yourself

      • Mantra Meditation to raise your consciousness

      • Spiritual sounds to help you remember god

      • Romantic tunes to make you feel loved and protected

      • Motivational sounds to pump you up and get you ready for action

      • Bliss music to help take you to cloud nine

      • Dance to the dance tunes, from salsa to jazz

      • Birthday music for your brain to remember good memories of the day that makes you feel special

      • Reduce anxiety and become stress-free

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