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The Powtoon deal ends tonight at midnight CST

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

July 3, 2013

Check out the video Ricardo made for Tech Sumo Eric’s birthday and get this deal before it's gone

Last week, I brought y’all a deal on Powtoon, which lets you create captivating website videos, product demos, and explainer videos to make your website fun so that people don’t leave it.

I’m gonna shut my fat Sumo face and let the sumo-lings who bought the deal do the talking:

So easy to use and for $49 this was an absolute steal. This video is going to make me (and others) a bunch of money. Go get it.

- Sumo-ling


I will make more I will make more I will make more I'm gonna POWTOON THE F#@$ OUT OF POWTOON.

- Jimmy Tran

Whoa, you guys really love Powtoon :-)

I challenged you guys to make a video for Tech Sumo Eric's birthday and here’s what Ricardo came up with in less than an hour using Powtoon:

If Ricardo hired an animator, that video would have cost him thousands of dollars. With Powtoon ... he's paying a fraction of that price.

Powtoon has a free plan which lets you try out the basics of Powtoon.

But with Powtoon Pro, you get:

  • No Powtoon branding on your videos
  • Extra styles and music (all of which are royalty-free)
  • Longer videos (up to 15 minutes length)
  • HD download or HD export to YouTube

Regularly, a year of Powtoon Pro is $240/year.

At first, I could only convince the Powtoon guys to give y'all a special on it for 48 hours.

But I wanted to make sure none of you missed out on it, so we extended the deal and this is the last chance you have to get it.

You have until tonight at midnight CST to get a year of Powtoon Pro for only $49 (that's less than one month retail of Powtoon Pro!).

All emails I get tomorrow begging me to bring this deal back will be quickly deleted :-)

$49  $240

Starts In

One year of Powtoon Pro

  • No Powtoon branding on videos.
  • Royalty free use of 20 music tunes.
  • Royalty free use of 10 library styles.
  • HD Download to computer.
  • Up to 15 Min. video length.
  • HD export to YouTube.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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