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Black Friday Deal 10 of 12: Prey

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

November 23, 2012

Track your computer and make sure to get it back in case it's ever stolen

The deal will be available from 6P.M. - 8P.M. CST

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Losing your computer sucks.

Thankfully, it's never happened to me, but it happened to our dear Neville and he told the story here. WARNING: do not buy Prey from this page, we have the Black Friday special for you here ;-)

So what exactly is Prey?

Well, if your computer ever gets stolen, Prey will:

  • Send scarily-accurate location updates.
  • Track which programs the thief has running.
  • Snap pictures of the thief with the devices built in camera.
  • Track which files have been accessed or changed on your system.
  • Grab screenshots of what the thief is doing on your computer (usually checking Facebook or Gmail ... so you can see their private info too).

It has a free version of their tracking software you can install and lets you see what Prey is all about.

We are selling the Prey Home Plan, which is perfect for:

  • Anyone who uses their computer to earn a living.
  • Anyone who works out of coffee shops a lot.
  • GREAT for families and small businesses.
  • Anyone who travels a lot and works from hotels & other remote locations.

Here's what a couple happy sumo-lings had to say about Prey when they bought it:


This is exactly what a family needs to keep their electronics safe!

Excellent protection for my phone & computer

I purchased the one-year plan of prey, and it has given me the comfort I need to know that if my computer or phone is to get lost or stolen, that I'll be able to track it down. I use my computer for my work, so without it, I would be lost. At least now I know that I've protected my computer and other technology in the event that I am robbed.

A year of the Prey Home Plan is regularly $162.

On AppSumo, we sell it for a mere $49.

For the next two hours only for this Black Friday, we are knocking the price down to only $39.

If your computer and electronics are important to you, this should be a no brainer. That's only $3.25 a month to keep your valuables safe!

Get it now at the one-time-only price!

$39  $162

Starts In

1 year of the Prey Home Plan

  • Track up to 10 devices
  • New customers only
  • Works for Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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