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A Gift for You: The Productivity Checklist

Noah Kagan
Noah Kagan

February 18, 2013

We're going to show you how to save (at least) an hour a day

“Three rules: We can only work for 6 hours, it’s going to be free, and this product has to be released Friday.”

These were some of my first words at our team retreat. I wanted to use each of our unique skills to create a free product for YOU.

After breakfast we started brainstorming and came up with a few ideas:

  • Seinfeld App - It will help you start any new habit in 30 days
  • Friend Maker - Make new friends, not for dating
  • The Consulting Checklist - A how-to toolbox for anyone wanting to start consulting
  • Craigslist Notifier - A Chrome extension to notify you when a product you want is available

We got a bit stumped to figure out what to build for you...

Then one question solved that: What would be the most fun thing WE want for ourselves?

After killing many of the ideas we narrowed it to: Productivity Hacks.

Here's why:

What's your typing speed?

I'm guessing it's 60 WPM.

Let's say you send 200 words / email and send about 50 a day.

Get out your abacuses everyone!

At your typing speed that's 10,000 words a day that take you about (10,000/60) = 166 minutes = 2.7 hours

--- Insert Magical typing speed improvement ---

If you can improve just 33% to 80 WPM it only takes you 125 minutes a day.

You save 15,000 minutes over a year for investing 60-120 minutes just improving your typing speed. That's about 10 days of your life if you like math.

Whew. That was bringing back some fun SAT problems. Anyways, you get my point. Increasing even a bit of productivity frees you up to do other things.

This is just one hack that we show you exactly how to improve.

You will save (at least) an hour if you go through each step in this free product. Other hacks include:

  1. Power Google Searches (written by a guy from MIT)
  2. Using AlfredApp.com
  3. How to find anyone's email address
  4. And more...

Each hack has:

  1. A video of how to do the hack
  2. Links to products we are using (mostly free) and exact keyboard shortcuts

Oh yea, it's free. Just a nice gift we wanted to share with you these holidays.

What are you waiting for? Click gimme the free product button!

What’s your best productivity hack? Leave in comments below!


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The Productivity Checklist

  • 7 Productivity Hacks with video tutorials
  • Links to free tools to make you more productive

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