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A powerful platform to fully manage meeting content

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A powerful platform to fully manage meeting content

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There are a few things I´d like to let you know, maybe they help:

1) In total, I like Adam, it seems a big help. Don´t think I would pay the rather steep price, if it wasn´t free for 1 year, though. If a LTD is not coming forward after 1 year, I am sure to leave this, so this perspective kind of clouds the fun I allow myself to have with Adam. Still, I´ll give it 3-4 Tacos for now.

On the improvement side

1) I miss being able to group uploaded files in folder or otherwise sort them, this easily and quickly becomes messy

2) It would be great to have one whiteboard or notepad, or notes outside meetings, where general info like URLs, passwords, onboarding procedure or comparable infos could be posted

3) Newly invited team members get their invite from “Karim”, instead of me, the meeting owner. They had no clue, who Karim was and quickly deleted the e-mail

4) There was no way of re-inviting these members, or resend to someone who didn´t get the e-mail. So far, I also haven´t found how to kick-out one of the members, so I could re-register them

Hope that helps,



Highly recommended. This AppSumo deal is a steal! is exactly what the [productivity] doctor ordered.

Documenting meeting minutes on Ms. Word was unintuitive and chaotic. has sorted this through an innovative, one-stop platform that brings minuting to the 21st Century and makes it fun again! Lots of add-ons and improvements on the way, based also on our latest discussions with their customer support.


Loved it :D

Just tried software and loved it. If you want to save your time to test, check my review video :)

Or try Adam platform, it's FREE :D


A great productivity tool

It's the tool I've been looking for. Looks great.


I like the UI and the main features that have been implemented.

But two deal killer items that is preventing me from making this operable in my scenario:

1. Currently calendar integration is only 1 way (from to the integrated calendar)

There are many integrated calendar applications that I already use today, including the ones that my work requires. I cannot possibly schedule every meeting from, or not able to add notes to meetings scheduled by all other calendar apps. If I want to add a quick meeting notes, it ends up showing on my calendar as a new meeting, overlapping the already scheduled meeting.

2. No guest access to meeting notes.

I work for a small team that interacts with a lot of cross functional teams. My notes cannot be shared/viewed meaning that I need to spend extra time re-doing my notes. That defeats the original purpose of using the tool. Furthermore, action items can only be assigned to members, so I can't really track actions agreed by cross functional teams either.

Again, I like the UI and the smoothness of the service.

However. if positions itself for small internal team meetings only, then this is not for me.

I am debating whether to keep it since I can't really use it.

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Hi j80,

Thanks a lot for your feedback, please find our reply on your 2 comments:

1- Bi-directional calendar sync is coming early next month in

2- Also guest access feature is coming this quarter in and you can find it listed in our roadmap link shown below:

You can find also our public roadmap showing all the expected upcoming features & functionalities in the link below:


I've seen it updated a few times.

However my time is almost up and 2 way calendar sync is still not there though