Better Sheets

Lifetime Deal

Online library of tutorials for mastering Google Sheets to solve a variety of real-world problems.

Better Sheets

Lifetime deal

Online library of tutorials for mastering Google Sheets to solve a variety of real-world problems.

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  • Better Sheets

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    • Save hours every day with tips and tricks
    • Make everyone think you're some sort of Google Sheets guru
    • Easy to follow project-based Google Sheet tutorials
    • Create a storefront with buyable products with our Google Sheets Templates
    • Learn how to create business models for any type of business
    • Create your own business inside of Google Sheets
    • Learn how to sell your own Google Sheets for fun and profit
    • Create better spreadsheets for your team, business, or organization.
    • Become faster, more productive, and more engaged in your work.
    • Finally enjoy working with Google Sheets!



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Feels like I have the guy that designed Google Sheets as a friend

Better than the Google help pages. More entertaining than the Google help pages. Excellent value. Andrew is friendly and knowledgeable. He teaches everything you could want to know about Google Sheets and then some. He deserves every success with Better Sheets. Thanks for listing this product, Andrew!


makes me look like a Sheets guru

I love Better Sheets! Before this, I merely used spreadsheets to sort from A to Z and maybe some basic SUM formulas. Now, I've saved so much time with all the different techniques and everyone at my work thinks I'm some sort of advanced guru. I've learned about so many things that can be done in Google Sheets that I didn't consider before, even how to make our sheets look more presentable.

The owner, Andrew, is accessible and responsive and seems to really want to see us succeed. I highly recommend getting this.


Better Sheets forsure!

Really appreciate the growth of this platform, you'll become proficient in no time using it!


Dedicated, pro and complete

This won't be a long review.

We do all need to get better in using G-sheet and this is the perfect way to learn.

the founder is an awesome person and would go the extra mile to teach you the right thing.

I do recommend this produt/training course and wish all the best for you all to learn G sheet

i am myself so behind in my training ;-)



Many product owners like to nickle and dime when it comes to their offers on AppSumo.

Fortunately, Andrew from Better Sheets is NOT one of them.

When you buy the Better Sheets course, you will get this awesome course plus all the bell and whistles.

Anytime I've had a problem or a question (I've had a few) Andrew has always been super accessible and quick with solutions. Sometimes, I've had replies in a couple of minutes. He always goes WAY above and beyond.

If you work with Google sheets, would like to work with them or just want to learn more about cool things you can do with Google Sheets. The Better Sheets course is an awesome value for the money even if you don't include the awesome dude behind the product.