The Brand Accelerator Online Course and Accountability Program

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The Brand Accelerator Online Course is here!

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The Brand Accelerator Online Course and Accountability Program

Lifetime deal

The Brand Accelerator Online Course is here!

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  • The Brand Accelerator Online Course and Accountability Program

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    • Amp up your brand development and strategy with the evergreen digital course modules
    • Understand the importance of how to build your brand foundations with the 10 C's of Branding
    • Create your branding mix to build consistency in your brand presence
    • Learn how to engage your ideal clients by creating branded content for your social media and email marketing platforms
    • Monthly Challenges, Weekly Assignments, How-to videos and extra reading materials to give you actual hands-on experience
    • Learn how to Apply the Law of Compensation to your brand
    • Learn key brand amplification strategies
    • Formulate your Brand Profile with your MVVPs
    • Calculate Your Brand Index Score
    • Development of an Even though Never the Less brand mindset
    • Formulate your own Brand Action Plan
    • Monthly live Q&A sessions to get direct feedback
    • Weekly accountability with goal settings and progress tracking
    • Set up your Tribe tracker to see how and where you are building your tribe
    • Private FB group where you can ask questions 24/7
    • Receive direct feedback on challenges and assignments

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December 08, 2020


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Hi Faith are the monthly calls for 12 months only or lifetime like the LTD for the course. I would love to know if you will cover anything on how podcasts and Youtube can help build my tribe. Also, is there a way to motivate myself daily with a suggested schedule for personal branding or content marketing activities or is this more about the Brand strategy rather than the next stage execution? Thank you for coming on APPSUMO.

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Hi there!! Thanks for your great questions.

Everything is lifetime! So you as long as you breathe and I breathe :-) The monthly calls are the first Monday of each month at 4:00pm EST.

Every Monday we do roll call for goals so that will be a good prompt to help you stay on task. I also do pop-up check-in FB Lives in the Brand Accelerator Lounge.

Also each month we run brand momentum challenges where you are creating posts, content and videos. These challenges are designed to keep you engage in your brand development and brand expression. The goal of the course is to keep your brand front and center so you never really have to "remember" to do something brand related.

Let me know if you have any other questions on this!

Happy to answer all your questions. :)



Hi Faith, how many hours is your course and will it give me actionable changes I can make for my job seeker clients to help them build their online prescence better? Also, will it give tidbits that are applicable to the staffing, career transition and HR service industry consultants and coaches like myself. Are there any quizzes or self testing? Sorry if I am being redundant as I didn't read all of your overview yet.

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Hi there! The course is self-paced. So once you complete each chapter and included lessons you will then be able to move on to the next sections. Some of the exercises require you to do some self-audits so it all depends on how fast you complete those.

The course content is designed to have broad applications to any and all industries. This is because YOU are your brand. And YOU are the brand. So as long as you are working through each of the core principles you will find direct and actionable applications.

The Live Zoom Q&A Sessions are where you will be able to ask me specific questions that are industry related and I will be able to give you specific examples of how to apply to your specific business.

With regard to podcasts and YouTube we go into details of your Brand Communications Mix and that is where you will be able determine if Podcasts and YouTube are the best platforms for your stated brand goals. So while you will have the ability to get strategy support on these I don't go into the technical details of how to set up a Podcasts or creating a YouTube channel etc. but I can certainly point you in the right direction for that level of details.

Let me know if you have any other questions on this.

p.s One new bonus that has been added since I launched on AppSumo is that I am booking any of my course members on one of two TV Shows that I am collaborating with. So if TV is something that you are into, we've got that. :-)