Brindle Booking | WordPress Appointment Scheduler

Lifetime Deal

Brindle Booking is a premium WordPress plugin that lets your customers & clients book services via a sleek, calendar-based interface

Brindle Booking | WordPress Appointment Scheduler

Lifetime deal

Brindle Booking is a premium WordPress plugin that lets your customers & clients book services via a sleek, calendar-based interface

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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

  • Brindle Booking | WordPress Appointment Scheduler

    • Let visitors pay for services while booking
    • Automatically generate Zoom meeting links
    • Full Google Calendar support
    • Support for multiple staff members
    • Add, customize, and categorize bookable services
    • Fully Translatable via .po/.mo files
    • Supports all major currencies
    • Customize colors and style to match your brand
    • Premium tech support included
    • Dozens of new features since launching on AppSumo!
    • Stack 5 codes to receive the Unlimited License:
    • -Allows use on an unlimited number of websites

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I've sent a message to them with four additional codes to stack for the Unlimited Deal but have received no response so far, and it's been a week since.


Very Bad Service, App doesn't work

hey, I bought 3 times already and this time I was trying to use all the features but it doesn't;t work? payment option with stripe sucks and if we connect with zoom the all the meeting goes to zoom even if it is booked for a physical location or for a phone call meeting. I tried reaching out to the team couple of times but no answer. What bad customer service.


Updated Review

I bought five codes to get the unlimited sites deal. This is a fantastic deal for agencies that gets you booking capabilities in WordPress in a way that's intuitive, comprehensive, customizable, and business-ready. CLean interface, and looks great live, too. I'm very happy with this product, and only hoping it will be cared for by the Developers for a very long time.


No-brainer! Get it!

My thoughts were, “Even if it’s ’just ok’ it’s worth the price”.

I’m very pleasantly surprised by this little gem! I was able to get it installed and setup pretty quickly on my site without having to head to the help files.

I’m a little stuck on how / where to display it but that’s my fault 🤣. A little trip over to the readme’s should fix that for me.

Checked out the roadmap and there are some exciting features coming soon!

Jump on and grab it!



Cannot work in real word, support nowhere to be found.

Bought this plugin back in January and have it for almost a year.

I bought it cause back then it was only 3 codes for unlimited website. So I thought "It is only 33$. Buy it and leave. I will just wast 33$ if it is no good". Well after a year I can say that I wasted 33$.

The plugin is missing basic features to work in the real world. I mean it is a like having a contact form with booking feature instead of a dedicated booking plugin.

I tried to contact the support 2 times from their website form and direct email. No answer after 2 months.

Guys id you want to make your product better, you must listen to your customers.

Here are some features that I wish i had.

1. Just 3 color selection for the design settings. No font or font size selection, background or fields borders.

2. No seats available for online booking. Just a double booking box to enable or disable. So you have a class that can accept 4 students. Well you can use this plugin to book it.

3. I cannot select the date that the service will start or end. I can only select hours for each day. Cannot exclude dates either.

4. Cannot add custom fields in the booking form. Lets say that I want to ask for the name of the child attending to class or the color of the car that I want to paint. Selection, text, radio, and text area is a must feature.

5. Cannot set booking as pending until approval.

6. No calendar for the appointment dashboard. I cannot even filter the appointments based on month or custom dates.

7. I cannot add different persons for different services. Many businesses have different employees for different tasks.

8. Cannot change the steps name or anything else in the booking process.

9. Cannot add extra addons for the services.

10. Cannot set up different prices based on conditions. The service has the same price for every employee and every day. Does not matter if you choose to book a service on Sunday morning. It will cost the same like any other say.

11. No feature to add time before and after every booking that will take to be prepared. So if you want to clean the room after on booking and it takes 20 minutes, you cannon exclude that and people can book back to back.

12. Cannot add pictures to the services. It would be nice to view an image on the front end.

13. Cannot add different locations. Businesses with more than one store cannot use this.

14. Cannot set recurring appointments.

15. Cancel appointment with editable notification is missing.

16. Reminder email notification with customized days and content is missing.

17. In general there are no custom notification for anything. I can just edit the basic mail that the customer will get but not add another or do anything else.

18. I cannot test notification (yes the basic one) if it works and how it looks with a button.

The list continues but Appsumo has a letter limit.

Wish I hadnt bought it. Wast of money.