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Increase your team's engagement on Slack


Lifetime deal

Increase your team's engagement on Slack

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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

  • ChatFox

    One-time purchase of

    $39 $140
    • 20 Team members maximum capacity (based on Slack team members)
    • ChatFox for Slack to increase your team engagement
    • Keep all of the chats in one central channel for your whole team to enjoy
    • Team icebreakers
    • Team coffee chats
    • Team recommendations
    • Team member profiles
    • Admin tools in Slack
    • Rewards for engaged participants
    • ChatFox engagement charts
    • Built-in time zone algorithms
    • Configure your chats and customize your content

From the founders


Alex Mason

Founder / Sales
November 17, 2020



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Fun idea well implemented

We're really excited to start using ChatFox with our team! COVID has caused our team to spread out across North America and it's been harder for everyone to keep connected. Everyone's looking forward to coffee chats this week!


Great for Remote Work

Our team has had a hard time transitioning from being in-person to working remotely this year with COVID. We're really enjoying ChatFox so far! Love getting to learn new things about my teammates with Icebreakers.


Really good

We've just grown our team - and are now across North America and Europe - and we were having a hard time getting everyone around the world to interact and get to know each other. Coffee Chats have been doing a great job for having people all over the world get to know each other better.


The perfect tool for growing digital teams

🔥🔥🔥 ChatFox is our teams new favorite app! We were all feeling disconnected going from seeing each other in person every week to working from home 👎 ChatFox turned those ☹️ into 😁. Coffee Chats in particular have been a big hit - great way to make everyone take a few minutes off and talk to a coworker they wouldn't otherwise have a social chat with.

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Are all of the reviews on this the same or something?


The product is pretty straight forward with a few simple chats.


For those missing impromptu connections at the watercooler

Over half our staff has continued to work remotely since covid started. We really missed the in person interaction that we had before, there aren't so many opportunities to meet people outside your immediate team remotely anymore. With some nudges via Chatfox we have a more healthy amount of social interaction now.