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Cheat Layer

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Build white-label automations with no-code tools and OpenAI machine learning

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Cheat Layer

Lifetime deal

Build white-label automations with no-code tools and OpenAI machine learning

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    $99 $1,188
    • All features above included
    • 1 team seat(s)
    • 500 machine learning credits per month
    • 2,500 Cheat Cloud tasks per month
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    $198 $1,262
    • All features above included
    • 3 team seat(s)
    • 1,000 machine learning credits per month
    • 5,000 Cheat Cloud tasks per month
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    $297 $1,438
    • All features above included
    • 10 team seat(s)
    • 1,500 machine learning credits per month
    • 7,500 Cheat Cloud tasks per month
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    4 Codes
    5 Codes
    6 Codes
    7 Codes
    8 Codes
    9 Codes
    10 Codes

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Rohan Arun

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Cheat Layer Intro Post

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Cheat Layer Intro Post
Cheat Layer FAQ



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I got this and albato to compare as a zapier alternative and to be completely frank, I haven't mastered webhooks v api enough to set everything up yet on either.

However, it isn't even fair to put the two in the same weight class... this app is powerful!! And if they can succeed in their vision, just, wow.

Rohan is incredibly helpful and committed to getting entrepreneurs out of the tech stack trap. How? Setting up automations by recording a screen- that's it. Not a single line of code. Want to expand on that automation? Just tell the AI in your native language and voila...lines of code. ( the latter is still being worked on, but it is being worked on and seriously? The possibility is worth the money ).

Example: After playing around with it for a few minutes and realizing I needed to understand my API sitch better before I broke my email again (yes, this happened) I thought about when I used to resell on poshmark (think ebay meets instagram) and how I kept thinking, 'surely sharing my items could be automated... there's gotta be an easy way to do this..'

Fast forward 6 months- I find someone that has created a bot to do just that. I was happy as pie to pay $25/month to free up my time and increase my sales nearly 10x.

Back to cheat layer - 'I wonder if I could do that with this... ' literally 20 minutes later I had a bot that could do just about everything the one I paid for did, and it could do more if I put in the effort. ( and remember, I broke my email).

I wish I was in the position to purchase enough codes to white label right now bc I know I could sell that service tomorrow and have truly passive income, and it's only one out of endless possibilities.

Whatever you need done, this app can do it. Just be patient with initial impression, it isn't as copy and paste as some dream of when thinking of 'no code', but it's getting better every day and imo it is worth the effort.

Great job Rohan and team, keep up the good work! Thank you for such a great opportunity!

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I will buy CheatLayer, no doubt! Cause I need desktop automation. But what do you really think about Albato? Is it worth it?



CheatLayer? It's just a mind blown!

You can literally do ANYTHING with this tool. Web scrapping, automation, mass processing, whatever you can do in your web browser (or even on desktop) and whatever you can think of. All this can do for you (even many times, cyclically) CheatLayer. Locally or in the cloud.

Competition? No kidding, any other tool compared to CheatLayer's capabilities is like a toy tool.

You are lazy? You're not technical? Don't worry, CheatLayer has Cheat Codes and GPT-3 Code Generation, and a great support team at your disposal. You are ambitious? Do you even know the basics of programming? Then with CheatLayer even the sky is not the limit :)

This product is on track to global success. I say this as an entrepreneur and a web developer with over 20 years of professional experience in the IT business. CheatLayer has a chance to define its market segment and become a benchmark for all competitors (almost like Coca-Cola on the beverage market). The main thing holding back CheatLayer is UI / UX. Unfortunately, there are a lot of critical violations of the fundamental UI / UX principles. It's not just an opinion, it's a fact. And I'm not a hater, but a huge fan of CheatLayer and its possibilities, CheatLayer's commitment to the product and its support. So, dear CheatLayer Team, please hire for this job a real, skilled and experienced UI / UX design professional (not a cheap freelance graphic designer) and this investment will pay off. Please, do it. One day you will thank me for sure :)

Regardless of the UI / UX problems, it is still the most powerful and flexible tool available on AppSumo. Every week brings me new ideas for using CheatLayer (wish I had more codes!). I really don't know a tool that can do so many different things so well.

Go on, get in there, rock it!


Future Of Daily Automation - PURE GOLD

Cheat Layer to be a very valuable tool for automating processes.

Turns 1 person into 10!

Next level custom automation.

I use cheatlayer for marketing automation workflows.

I honestly love that it runs in your browser and ability to use machine learning and cloud syncing.

web browser / desktop / cloud versions make work more easier.

The desktop app is released with a recorder, it records actions and the automation is created way faster.

The support is outstanding.

They are very responsive to user feedback.

The founder Rohan Arun is very active in the Facebook Group.

He is actively helping us.

extremely friendly and helpful available 24x7 for any query he is there.


You can scrap data from the websites which require a lot of programming and knowledge, time, doing repetitive tasks, but thanks to Cheat Layer, this can be done very easy

The action tracking tools are great for speeding up tasks.

I use cheatlayer for marketing automation workflows.

You can use google sheets using "Get data Gsheets" action.

Support has been extremely friendly and helpful.


There is a little bit of a learning curve at first, but you get out of it what you put into it.

The customer service provides 1-on-1

1 hour to 2 hour on boarding for free.

The founder has a great boot camp series to learn how to use CheatLayer's GPT-3 coding.

The team frequently post tutorials.

So it is not really a Con.

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Awesome -- I appreciate the kind words and support!

I remember who you are from office hours, so looking forward to launching your White Label :)


Looks like it has potential but very buggy

This looks like it could be a great piece of software, but it's extremely buggy and looks like something made in 1997. The UI is horrendous.

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H,i thanks for the feedback!

We're actually in the middle of a massive re-design with the launch of Project Atlas.

I couldn't find the bugs you're referring to in support recently, so please report them to our live chat or feel free to make any suggestions directly to our roadmap at We actually implement users requests rapidly. For example, our Action Recorder was implemented within 10 days of request, and it's one of our most used features now :)

If you were somehow between updates and open to it, I'd encourage you to try Project Atlas on release or schedule a live group onboarding call and free open office hours. We have several resources to help users build impossible automations they can't elsewhere now.

Cheat Layer Desktop and Project Atlas, which we've been working on for the past year, actually represents 80% of our potential value and it's finally ready to launch! Just awaiting final approval, and soon all lifetime users will get access to this entirely new ground-breaking way to automate, so I'd highly encourage sticking around :)

We discussed briefly it's the "Holy Grail" for automation in our last weekly discord meetup:


Great Product

Great Product, Don't get deceived by the UI.... bought 1 code last time this was on appsumo and now on full stack + 3 codes... amazing for scraping data and creating automation. Their packages are great as compared to other tools here on appsumo that use 1 credit per row of data.... this 1 cloud task could alone be used to scrape hundreds if not thousands of record.The best part about it is that in generates javascript when using action recorder and also allows for automation to be written in javascript.

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Awesome glad it worked out for you!

Yes you figured out the secret to Cheat Cloud haha :)


Is this deal the same as the one I bought months ago? Was that also unlimited? Also, are office hours free? I had a session with one of your consultants a few months ago, but he wasn’t able to help me create the automation I needed which was a bit disappointing. How can I get help again?