Cheat Layer Review: The most valuable purchase I have ever made on AppSumo.

I am still in shock at what this deal does.

Here's what I'm most impressed with:

1. Onboarding: I've never had a deal where the founder was so intensely committed to good onboarding. I had my 1-on-1 with Rohan yesterday. Friendly. Super crazy smart. Extremely helpful. And, because the deal has become very popular, he hired several new team members to help with onboarding to make sure every customer has a high quality onboarding experience (I can't remember if all users get the onboarding call or only if you buy a certain number of codes). Anyway, just phenomenal.

2. The future: Cheatlayer knows the future, because... THEY ARE BUILDING IT! This tool allows you to type in sentences about the automations you want to do and it writes the code FOR you! There is still some learning curve, but I am not a developer at all, and I created a very simple (but super rewarding) automation today -- by myself. :) LOVE THIS!

3. Long-term thinking: This team got in early on permission to use OpenAI and they are building things nobody else is doing. I'm already in love with this tech, and my gut tells me we won't have to worry about Rohan abandoning early adopters or breaking his promises.

I'm a fan. A big fan. AND, I'm going to be using Cheatlayer to build and sell a chrome extension to my clients. Pow! I love this!


Glad you are so impressed with Cheat Layer, can't wait for you to see some of the updates we are working on