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Contactless Payment Terminal is your easy-to-use, low-cost, contactless, and secure mobile pay terminal-app created for your multi-user small business.

Whether you are a cleaning business, a home-health business, a pest-control business, or a multinational enterprise, you can easily distribute the Contactless Payment Terminal to the entire team.

With no terminal fees to worry about, you don’t have to miss revenue opportunities because of cost or complexity.

It removes the need for anyone to handle credit cards or pens and improves data security for all bank and non-bank transactions.

No data is ever directly given to employees or businesses, so there is no data-breach or data privacy risk.

XcooBee makes inexpensive contactless payments possible with this revolutionary new system.

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Low-cost solution for contactless payment registers

Unlimited terminals available for use

No data breach or privacy risks

Best for: Small teams, field sales forces, and multi-user small businesses

    • Plans and Features

    • Deal Terms
      • 1 year access to Contactless Payment Terminal

      • You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase

      • 1 year of plan updates

      • GDPR Compliant (Partner Verified)

      • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

    • Contactless Payment Terminal

      Payment of

      • Contactless payment processing without terminal fees

      • Use the XcooBee no-app, no signup, no-download system for your customers -- anyone can pay you with minimal effort.

      • Includes XcooBee Business subscription and one payable project

      • Unlimited Transactions Included in 1 year Subcription

      • 1000 Transaction additional AppSumo start bonus

      • Unlimited coworkers and employee terminals

      • Dead-simple to use: just enter amount and tap QR

      • Remove data-breach and data-safety risk for your business

      • Allow field people to book more sales

      • Connect payment to marketing and drive more sales

      • Even work in offline mode with no internet

      • No extra hardware needed -- no dongles to loose

      • Work with PayPal or Stripe as processor

      • No username or passwords to lose for terminal users

      • Business subscription includes extra tools for contactless fundraising, ticketing, memberships, vouchers, and more

      • Remote payment support: simplify and send payment request remotely via text or email

      • Connect to 30+ accounting systems

      • Automatic translations for customers

      • Support all common forms of fast payments, including credit cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay

      • Allow multiple purchases

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