Elements Ready Elementor Addons

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Elements Ready Elementor Addons

Lifetime deal
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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

  • Elements Ready Elementor Addon

    One-time purchase of

    $49 $175
    • 20 Sites Licence
    • 90+ Widgets & Extensions
    • 550+ Ready Blocks & Presets
    • 20+ Landing Page Templates
    • Lifetime access & Updates
    • Woocommerce, EDD, LearnPress & Give Donation
    • Advanced Parallax Effect & Position Elements
    • Cross Domain Copy Paste
    • Stack 1 additional code: 100 sites
    • Stack 2 additional codes: unlimited sites

From the founders


Abdur Rohman

August 24, 2021


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How is this a deal if you have the same price on your website? That doesn't make sense at all...



20 Site | Lifetime

20 Site License

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Update

100+ Premium Addons

700+ Ready Elements

20+ Landing Page

Header And Footer Builder

Mega Menu Builder

Cross Domain Copy Paste

Live Copy Paste

Conditional Content

Advanced Parallax Effect

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You are getting 60 days refund policy in appsumo which you won't get in from our site. So this is the difference.



Do you support Gutenberg ?


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Not yet.



1. How is license activate with multisite? Do I need to activate each site or network activate? A multisite need one license or each site need one?

2. Do you include form builder widgets by yourself? No need to pay for other Form builder?

3. Only header and footer builder or have other? 404, post, page, woocommerce builder?

4. Will you have white label in future?


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Thank you for your query and for showing interest in our product. Here are the answers you are looking for,

1. You can achieve the multisite with 1 license from your network admin site or network active from the plugin options.

2. We have the widgets builder but not the form builder, Good News is we have several ready form widgets with different layout of POPULAR Forms of WordPress.

3. Only header footer builder with widgets builder. We have also 404-page builder. For WooCommerce Builder you can also check our other product http://plugins.quomodosoft.com/shopready

4. About White labeling, We may have this in future :)

Dont hesitate to ask for any further assistance or you can contact us via email at abdur.rohman2003@gmail.com


I'm looking to buy 3 codes.

However, on your web site, I see that the templates generally have only 1 single page designed.

Do you plan to have "kits" of 3, 5, 8 or more pages (instead of just 1)? Like, having the "About", "Services", "Blog list", "Single article" and "Contact" pages, for instance.

This is a VERY important for designing consistent web site for customers but having only 1 page, while being nice, just doesn't cut it for web sites so I'm looking to know if you're going in that direction and when such templates could be expected.

Many thanks!

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Thank You for your message and query, Yes we have the plan to Bring a Template kit in the coming days.

Thank You and would love to see you on board.



I'm loooking for a replacement for elementor pro.

Will you develop single template builder. It seem to be the last missing piece.

Thanks and regards,

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Thank you for your feedback and interest. We are working to grow the plugin. Will add some VALUES for sure. We would love to se on board.

Thank You!