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Customers are bombarded with ads from all angles on the Internet, thanks to the accessibility of social media and Google advertising for businesses.

So how do you break from the pack and get noticed on big sites like Forbeswithout the big price tag?

One tool can help you do just that, plus easily build interactive ads and track their performance.



Advertise on premium websites like NYTimes, TechCrunch, and GQ for a fraction of the price

Alternative to: Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Use branded links and geo-targeted landing pages to build your audience, plus data management to segment and retarget them

Best for: Marketing departments and agencies looking to create and run ads front and center on exclusive sites is a comprehensive ad platform that makes it easy to design and run ads on premium websites for accelerated brand recognition.

It’s time your brand jumped to the front of the line to advertise on the most exclusive sites.’s campaign manager secures direct placements on the heavy hitters of the web, including Rolling Stone, NYTimes, Variety, and GQ.

There are no minimum spend limits, either, so you can invest what your budget allows without dipping into your dinner money (and take a break on the PB&J).

You can also add your own advertising domains to’s curated lists, so you’re not just confined to the popular kids, either.

Choose the premium websites where you want to place your ads and makes it happen.’s interactive ad builder lets you turn products, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more into high-performing advertisements.

You can put your own widgets into ads that run on the big-name websites, placing your best content right in front of your prospective customers.

Along with the completely customizable visual advertisements, there’s even the option to run audio campaigns for Spotify ads.

When you’ve got your awesome advertisements all set up, you can even download them to use on any other ad-buying platform.

Design fully interactive ads in seconds with the ad builder! has a suite of tools specifically for boosting your ad performance.

You’ll get branded links and geo-targeted landing pages for reaching users and tracking their interests, letting you better understand how they engage with your brand.

Become the center of attention after customers click your ads! leads them to high-converting landing pages and keeps stock of your valuable conversion data.

Use branded links and geo-targeted landing pages to keep customers’ attention and increase conversions.

Understanding your audience isn’t an issue with (Understanding the bucket hat trend? You’re on your own).

The data management platform automatically segments audiences for retargeting, as well as keeps tabs on prospective clients and existing customers with pixel tracking.

Feel free to build and share these segments at no charge, so you can take your insights to every part of your business plan.

You’ll not only more effectively grow your audience – you’ll know how to target them better, too!

Automatically build, segment, and retarget your audience for maximum growth!

Your brand belongs on premium internet sites, even if you think your budget disagrees. makes running ad campaigns for exclusive sites affordable for budding businesses.

Plus, with incredible tools to design beautiful, interactive ads, you’ll stand out in the crowd in no time.

Get lifetime access to today!

P.S. Learn how to use like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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      • FREE Lifetime access to Premium Plan

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      • All future plan updates

      • Please note: This deal is not stackable

      • GDPR compliant (partner verified)

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      • Professional links

      • Geo links

      • Landing pages

      • Apple pre-add

      • Spotify pre-save

      • Fan audience building automation

      • Owning your own data

      • Visual analytics

      • Bulk link creation

      • Premium advertising

      • Embeddable widgets

      • Multiple account management

      • Remarketing audience sharing

      • Remarketing pixel editing

      • PO # management

      • iTunes/Apple affiliate storage

      • iTunes/Apple conversion tracking

      • Custom domains

      • GeoPages

      • Spotify email capture

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