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Hamed Baatour

February 23, 2022


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Hi, is this an abandonware now?

I bought it based on the roadmap but nothing happens.

Any update soon?

Where are we exactly? Could you chime in?

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hi Pitouking,

yes still working on InTab. but due to browsers changing their standards for extensions (chrome moving to manifest v3 while firefox is still holding on to v2) it is still not optimal to release new changes and move to v3 until the browsers agree on a unified decision otherwise we will face cross browsers compatibility issues.


Hi! Just found this great app =)

A few questions:

1 - I see the changelog updates are really spaced from each other. How often the app is really updated?

2 - Do you plan to add frameworks (Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc.)?

3 - I see the font is limited to Sans, Serif and Monospace. Does it work with Google Fonts and Custom Web Fonts?


I'm really excited to grab this one, but it would be great to know that it's often updated...


I am trying this out but for some reason it thinks the color of every element in CSS is black (lists everything as #000000). Any idea on why that is happening?



I am glad to have Intab.

I am afraid that it's been a while to see changes on Changelog and Roadmap.

I was wondering when Doing or prioritized is going to done on Roadmap.


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Yep, nothing since march... I saw the dev talking a lot about the roadmap here but nothing seems to move... I was waiting for some updates to fix some problems and missing features... The tool has potential but work 50% of the time, and there is no documentation at all. Im starting to be a bit disappointed, i bought it trusting the roadmap but come on +6month and not a single update smh.


Do you have a tutorial on how to use FLEX option in your extension? Please make a quick one if you don't have. Thank you

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Hi termoplus,

Thank you for your question. InTab actually uses standard CSS naming conventions. so watching any flex box tutorial on YouTube translates also to using flex box with InTab easily.

to help you get started make sure to select the "Flex" option on InTab's UI like this:

then you can select any of the available flex-box options like:

Direction / Justify Content / Align Items

Hope this helps 😊