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    • Visual Editor
    • CSS Inspector
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    • X-Ray Mode
    • Breakpoints Inspector
    • Unlimited virtual devices
    • Unlimited websites

From the founders


Hamed Baatour

February 23, 2022



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Very Useful & Helpful

One of my goats here on AppSumo! Thank You! Don't pass this one up, folks!


A handy tool

I am not a developer, and in any work related to websites, there is always something needs customization in html or CSS.

I find very good use of this plugin and I would recommend it to everyone. Especially if you want to speed up your process, then InTab is the right tool.


An Amazing Editor

I was blown away at how easy it was for me to edit via this tool. I highly recommend it! 5 Tacos all the way!


Not quite there yet

I've been using for a three months. I really wanted to like, but there is a couple of things that need to be fixed.

- 1 Taco: When using the inspection tool the coloring and contrast of the text makes it hard to read.

- 1 Taco: When applying CSS it is sometimes a hit and miss if it works or not, even when the same CSS works in the native browser inspection tool.

-1 Taco: The responsive viewer is really nice, but it loads the viewports as one page and then resize them, which makes responsive sites that load based on initial screen width does not display correctly, basically rendering it useless.

I went on to another similar web inspection tool here on AppSumo that doesn't have any of the abovementioned issues, but I'll keep around as I am very curious as to how it will develop over time. With the right focus, it may very well be a top contender, but it is not there quite yet.


Works Well for Web Designers

This is a great tool for web designers. It works as designed with Brave browser and allows me to take some shortcuts with my CSS customization process.