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    Manage your projects, clients, calendar, and team on a single platform

    It’s hard to keep productivity high when technology keeps slowing you down. ("Yes, I need to refresh my email app 12 times a minute. No, I don't have a problem.")

    Most business apps make you flip between half a dozen screens just to see your emails, team messages, ongoing projects, and calendar.

    But what if you could ditch all that tab toggling and combine project and team management functions into a single platform?

    Introducing Jumppl.


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    Enjoy a comprehensive, simple project management tool that makes it easy to collaborate and communicate with your team
    Alternative to: ClickUp, Asana, Basecamp, and Monday.com
    Create task structures and permissions for better team management, plus access client portals, chats, reports, and more
    Best for: Agency owners, SMBs, and entrepreneurs that want to consolidate their work tools for optimal efficiency


    Jumppl is a modern project and team management platform with chat, client portals, calendars, and other tools to help your business stay productive.

    Jumppl makes productivity easier by allowing you to seamlessly flip between projects and groups to manage everything and everyone in one place.

    Track your to-do’s and assign tasks to your team, using custom fields for each project and adding or modifying the status of tasks with custom statuses.

    You can create templates for repeat project structures, as well as set team structures, enabling specific responsibilities, permissions, and access only to the people who need it.

    Toggle between different task views with options for a Kanban board, Gantt chart, or spreadsheet/table view that allows you to perform calculations and view custom fields.

    Tasks and project dashboard

    Jumppl is a powerful, scalable project management tool that makes your life easier.

    Maintaining clear, simple communication across your whole team can make productivity soar. With Jumppl, you get one-on-one and group chat functionality.

    Keep the messenger tool open while you hop between other screens within the platform, so you never miss a message.

    Or, you can create video messages with screen recordings for crystal-clear communication, then store the recording straight to a task file.

    There’s no more back-and-forth between your messaging and project management apps—just straightforward, in-app messaging when and where you need it.

    Chat module

    The feature-rich chat module works for both one-on-one and group conversations with built-in integrations for tasks, files, and team management.

    Handle client communication through the client portal where you can easily chat or share tasks, notes, and documents with clients.

    Jumppl's beautiful newly launched designs for the client portal let you provide an improved experience while giving clients the access they need.

    Within client portals, you'll be able to make complex job requests based on your specifications, which are automatically created as tasks within the chosen project.

    Client portal

    Create a dedicated client portal for each of your clients to keep them informed and satisfied.

    Use the timesheet and attendance module to track attendance and hours worked—especially helpful for monitoring remote or dispersed staff!

    Not only can you track time and tasks in Jumppl, but you can also generate invoices through the platform as well.

    With the Workload module, you'll be able to plan your weekly tasks and tasks for your staff while managing time frames visually and across all projects.

    Timesheet dashboard

    Technology should support your whole team, not get in its way. (We’re not even going to talk about how DJ Roomba ruined the Christmas party.)

    Jumppl makes the most common business tasks—communication, project management, and time tracking—more accessible for everyone.

    So stop switching between apps for every little task.

    Get lifetime access to Jumppl now!

    From the founders

    October 06, 2021

    Hello Sumo-lings,

    This is Hammad from Jumppl

    We are back after 2 years and what a very productive and thrilling couple of years it has been 🚀

    We have taken the platform to an entirely new level by implementing a range of features and inputs from our valued users.

    🌮Some notable new additions:🌮

    - Brand new designs

    - Staff Monitoring Module (with screenshot capturing)

    - Gantt charts

    - Tableviews for Tasks

    - Project templates

    - Timesheets & Attendance

    - Screen Recordings (like loom.io)

    - Voice messages

    - 1-1 Video Calling with screen sharing

    - Custom Status

    - Invoices module

    And much much more …..


    Jumppl is a modern All in One Team Collaboration and Business Management Platform.

    🌮The problem Jumppl solves:

    Every day businesses use so many different tools to carry out their basic Management and Collaboration. 😕

    They use emails, chatting apps, task management tools, calendars, spread sheets, invoicing software, not to mention cloud storage systems, attendance and timesheet software to improve staff productivity. 😑

    Using all these seperate and disconnected tools takes a huge toll on productivity, And on top of that, they are spreading their vital business data and communications all over the place.😫

    Jumping between all these tools causes confusion and loss of focus for teams. Everyone starts using the tools their own way and things start getting missed.😱

    🌮The Solution:

    Jumppl is a feature rich and intuitive all in one platform where all the modules are integrated with each other right from the start. Jumppl saves business time and money by making their teams more productive and reducing the cost of paying for so many different tools.😃

    🌮Jumppl’s Modules:

    - Project Management (Replacing Trello, Clickup, Jira, Monday etc)

    - Client Portals (Replacing Emails, clinked, Suitedash)

    - Team Chat (Replacing Slack, MS Teams etc)

    - File Storage (Replacing GoogleDrive, OneDrive, DropBox)

    - Timesheets and Staff Monitoring (Replacing Harvest, Hubstaff, TimeDoctor)

    - Team Feeds (Replacing Emails)

    - Invoices

    - CRM (Coming soon)


    🌮Jumppl’s Apps & Interfaces:

    - Main Web Portal 🌏

    - Client Portal (client.jumppl.com OR hosted on your own domain) 🤝

    - Desktop App (Mac, Windows, Linux) 💻

    - Native Mobile Apps (iOS, Android) 📱

    Developing Jumppl, wasn’t an easy task and we have spent years developing and fine tuning Jumppl just to make sure that you and your team can finally work in complete harmony. 🧘

    But we are not done yet, our goal is to make Jumppl the best business platform on the planet, and we are not too far 😊

    🧭 Road Map: https://app.jumppl.com/project/p/view/BinS4OYX0UGZdavGNIabpg


    🛑 Jumppl Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnkMBWvpia4&t=1s

    🛑 Client Portals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTg4jlTj7qQ

    Thanks for checking out Jumppl, let us know what you think!

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