KingSumo Review: Decided to make the plunge!

I have about one hundred websites, which advertise the scriptures (Bible). I wanted to be able to do a Giveaway of a PDF, zero cost worth $5. KingSumo was easy to use, it works on all my sites and I found I could also link some of my other websites in the sweepstakes offer, which will help increase people's knowledge and help with rankings. This integrates well with SendFox, so I decided to buy Tier 5 25,000 contacts and make it a long-term offering. Setting up the web pages took most of the week and so far, I only have one new email address, but it's a start. The giveaway app looks professional, I'm quite happy with it.

Praise 𐤀𐤄𐤉𐤄 A’HâYâH for helping me build an email campaign and Facebook/Twitter collection system to spread the word!


What a nice review, Sumo-ling! Thanks so much for your kind words. It's wonderful to see you using KingSumo for such a good cause.

And, it's especially cool to see you use the epic one-two punch of KingSumo and SendFox. Both made by our same team, and we use it similarly ourselves. Thanks for being a customer of both products! We'll keep making both better for you.


I have two web sites

I am really happy about he service.