KingSumo Review: Enthusiasm then disappointment

I was quite excited at first, easy to use and does what you need. Nice integration with SendFox.

Then I launch my first giveaway…

—No integration with Sleekbio! (content not supported yet)

—Buggy translation: OK, so you can’t work under the hood, that’s OK, as long as it works. But here, half of the content is translated (well translated I have to say). But the other half is in English and make it unusable.

—Resend confirmation: the page is reloaded to the beginning. So if you have to resend 50 conf. it’s about 100 clicks + scrolling

—I have been contacted by people who told me they cannot enter: the content integrated on my website is blocked by several browsers (i.e. Brave).

—Not so efficient and less magical than advertised. People enter but very few share it. (Country-related behavior?)

I bought it and used it once. It’s OK. I’ll probably use it again, but I’m not sure I would buy it again.


I'm not sure people would share something where "more partecipants = less likely to win" would you invite more people to buy a city bingo table and play against you?

What I'm insterested in is to use this to grow my newsletter /social faster, but for this to work, and in EU I'm more concerned about branding and white labeling, did they fix this part since 2019? Did you find KingSumo logo still be prominent everywhere?