KingSumo Review: This is the bomb!

I have been running all kinds of contests with all kinds of platforms to promote restaurants during Covid. King Sumo is one of the most effective, easiest to implement and cheapest solutions out there. I was live in literally 10 minutes.

One note though. I was originally cursing you because I couldn't believe you didn't have a website pop-up available as one of display options. I know it seems obvious to YOUR team, but I had no idea that 'SUMO' was the name of your free pop-up tool. Sometimes branding is your enemy. Pretty minor shortcoming overall though.

Great Job.


Thanks so much for the review, rick245!

You're a smart man — we've noticed in the time of COVID with many people cutting back on their marketing budgets (both out of choice and necessity) that giveaways have become one of the hottest marketing channels in the world. 🔥

From big, household names you'd recognize to the Everyday Entrepreneurs... a lot of interesting people are using KingSumo to grow. And we'll keep improving it, too. We're constantly releasing bug fixes, and our translation update wasn't too long ago, so even years after launch, Lifetime customers are getting new features. Glad you're enjoying, and shoot us an email if we can ever help you in any way.


Default mode to use Portuguese is totally confused mixing english and portuguese every place.

Also, there are many erros or unusual terms everywhere. I could help you to make it right if you need with some better translation.