Beyond ABC: Lessons from FreelanceBytes
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Anyone can tell you the basics of freelancing. But not many talk about the things beyond ABC.

This book won’t give you the ‘sure shot way to earn money’ or blueprint to succeed as a freelancer.

Instead, you'll learn to build the right mindset to work, grow and improve as a freelancer.

In this book, you'll learn about:

1. Building a growth mindset as a freelancer
2. Benefits of having an inbound lead generation strategy (& how to make it)
3. Creating personalized proposals would reduce the ‘NO’ count from incoming leads
4. Managing your time properly for doing a lot with same 24 hours
5. Keep working consistently for getting real results
6. Staying motivated through ‘bad times’ – fighting off freelance famine

The book is filled with personal stories, experiences and anecdotes that will help you deal with the everyday struggles of being a freelancer.

Ultimately, this book will introduce you to a better way to 'freelance'.

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