Blaze Verify - Email List Cleaning Service

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Blaze Verify - Email List Cleaning Service

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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

  • Blaze Verify - Email List Cleaning Service

    • 250K Pack Credits
    • JavaScript Widget
    • Single Email verifier
    • Bulk Email Verifier
    • Bulk & Single Email Verifier API
    • Credits never expire.

From the founders



February 23, 2021



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Do E-Blast or automations GET THIS!

Clean your list and protect your reputation! i am not sure why there are not too many reviews on this app, but I am telling you this one is the best and works. Clean your list!

I tried all the other ones, and no, thank you! I took the deal and left with smiles. If you're a user with expectations "that it needs to work," this will not disappoint.

I wrote this review to save you some time.



Great product!

This tool is great for my company!


Great, fast service that's affordable

For our team at AppSumo, we often buy and use many of the tools listed on our site. Whether for our main AppSumo business, or personal side hustles, we're ALWAYS looking for products and solutions that make our lives easier. We ❤️ supporting the products that Sumo-lings list.

Internally, we were recently looking for a list cleaning tool to clean the lists of our AppSumo Originals products. Like our mantra for AppSumo Originals, we were looking for an external solution that was affordable and simple.

Blaze Verify fit the bill.

With a list of ~300,000 AppSumo Originals users across all our Originals tools, we had a BIG need to clean our lists as we started up new marketing efforts to get more people to realize the greatness of our products.

Using Blaze, I was able to easily import our different lists and get results back within just a few minutes. Blaze worked fast and effectively, and gave me a super helpful breakdown of the different types of contacts and their likelihood of deliverability. The interface is clean and easy-to-use, and the granularity of what can be exported or checked for deliverability is impressive.

Great work on this product!