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BrowserBird is your low-code web automation builder


Lifetime deal

BrowserBird is your low-code web automation builder

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    • 100,000 Credits
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    • 5 Concurrent Bird Executions (single bird)
    • Integromat app integration

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March 26, 2021



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This is a great product

So I have tested and use it and I think this is really a great product. I had hexomatic and some other scraping tools, but this one is more than just a scraping tool. It can do a lot more. My question is still not answered though, regarding how you can make the bird copy and paste data. Hope you have a way.


Under Appreciated Gem

I came across this by chance and realised this under appreciated gem that is so much better than TexAu in terms of customising spices.

As long as a query selector is possible, you can crawl and scrape!

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Glad you liked it Glad you liked it Noah_Moses. Thanks.


Powerful Web Scraper - Incredible Value!

This marketplace deal is almost too good to be true. Don't be swayed by the one-off credit limit, as they offer an affordable $50 lifetime deal for recurring 10,000 monthly credits. The deal is available from the account dashboard.

BrowseBird is a very powerful tool that lets you create complex data scraping projects for a fraction of the cost of more established tools. For example, in my opinion, it's superior to TexAu, a tool that performs similar tasks and is on Appsumo right now.

BrowserBird takes a "low code" approach to scraping. Setting up a project, a "bird", involves a little learning curve, but the developer Naseef has been incredibly helpful in showing me around and getting my first project off the ground. But to be honest I wouldn't expect a versatile scraper to be fully "no code" - after all you're scraping HTML/CSS. BrowserBird is easy enough to manage, it's very user-friendly, with a super clean UI and flawless workflow and execution!

Using a Zapier webhook I was able to create and schedule a daily scaper and pipe my output through to Google Sheets flawlessly. They also offer Integromat integration, and I was also able to integrate my scraper with SyncSpider (a recent deal on Appsumo).

It's early days for BrowserBird. But it will certainly become part of my everyday toolbox and I can’t wait to see it develop more!

As you can see I've bought lots of tools here. Believe me, this one certainly stands out. So glad I found this. Good luck, Naseef! You deserve a lot more glowing reviews. Easily five Tacos - in fact, I'd give it ten if they would let me ;)

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How did you sync it with SyncSpider ?

Sync-you! :-)


Does the $50 upgrade include 100 birds?