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Friend Approver is a Chrome extension that helps you to automate the process of accepting or deleting friend requests based on mutual friends or if they respond to the messages sent by you using Friend Approver.

Problem: If you are using Facebook Organic Marketing, you will be getting lots of friend requests.

Accepting requests manually is hard when you are getting spammed by so many.

You will have to manually check their profile and then approve them.

Solution: Use Friend Approver to filter out spam bots that send you requests and only approve from real people.

But, but, but... how does this work?

Inside Friend Approver, you can set a number of mutual friends a person should have for the extension to accept them. if they have a lot, they probably know you.

If they don't have a specified number of friends, then Friend Approver will send them a message and wait for their reply, and if they respond, then they are accepted.

Watch the demo video here and then get access today!
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      • Send messages to friend requests

      • Approve requests and send welcome messages

      • Decline request and send messages

      • Set up once and run everyday

      • Send message and delete request if no response

      • Use to just send message

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