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Nifty Tool That You Need

Let's face it, everyone is going to need this every now and then, creating personas online. We may even need to use it for images on our product packaging etc. With Generated Photos you can create them without worries.

Some people were saying the library of faces are very similar. The thing is, you can actually upload your own photo or generate a new one from scratch.

It's not an expensive deal, and you're definitely gonna need to use it. Rather than buying a ton of other deals that you never ever end up using, this is a great value.

I've reviewed Generated Photos on my youtube channel. check it out here

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Thanks a lot for your feedback and especially for the video review! It is great to hear that you like Generated Photos :-)

We would love to know more about your use cases. You are most welcome to share them with us at We can feature the best ones on our website and showcase.


Mixed Feelings

At first I was quite impressed by the photos available, but unfortunately, the available faces look all too similar to one another. Even if you buy a photo exclusively, I can still find very similar looking photos all over the internet.

I think they should improve the AI and train it with a lot more different face types. They do look generated and fake in many cases. So not ideal.

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Thank you for sharing the mixed feelings! If you refer to 'Similar Generated Photos' (which are under each image), we have them intentionally as there is demand for variations of the same face and subtle differences.

If you are looking for maximum diversity, here are some tips:

1) Use filters at to set desired parameters or their combinations.

2) Use Anonymizer ( to find specific faces and features. This tool shows synthetic look-alikes from the database.

3) Use Face Generator ( to create unique images with your parameters.

It is true that some synthetic images look generated and might even include noticeable artifacts. At the same time, some are very difficult to spot. We are constantly working on improving the algorithms for both generation and search, and there is now a vast selection of highly realistic images to choose from.

If you have any specific examples of 'very similar looking photos all over the internet,' please share them with us at We would love to know more!


Novel SaaS, but low limits and a minor bug?


I've started to play around with this, and it looks interesting.

Be aware (in case you didn't see it stated above) your monthly credits are *either* 15 of their non-exclusive faces, OR 5 faces that you can generate exclusively for your use (i.e. you have 15 credits per month, each download of an exclusive face is 3x credits, while non-exclusive is 1 credit). You can generate faces until you find one you like, and are charged credits upon downloading.

Minor bug (I think): the first few times you cycle through face generations trying to find a good one, it will change all aspects of the face (eyes, nose, hair etc). However, it soon becomes stuck on one face and only rotates through variations on hair. This means you need to log out and close the screen, open up and log in again to refresh the basic face. Something for the devs to work on ...

Four tacos as it is currently. Would be five with better monthly limits and that little bug smashed. For the price, exclusive faces should only be 2x credits.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback and reporting the bug! We will look into it.


Good.. But!....

It would be even better if we at least had more then just 15 standard face generator/ face generator uses a month. And to put icing on the cake the actual main face generator thats not the standard one cost more then just 1 use at a time. The main face generator takes 2-3 point use away out of the 15 at one time. Your best feature is being limited with 15 uses which aint 15 uses. And the main face generator to me is the main reason for the 69.00. But you didnt give us enough wiggle room to even be excited about using it because we have to wait a whole month after using it 3-4 time to use it again. And just trying it for the FIRST time we've already tooken 2-3 uses away from the 15. Its hard to really see if its worth it or to give a proper review of it because your selling for example... a frame of a car but keeping the engine but letting use roar the engine in the parking lot 2-3 times and thats not enough to really buy it. So Please consider giving alittle more then 15 because you could have made this plan a year of unlimited use because the part your giving for lifetime use is something you can google for free like a randum face on google so please think about it!! i dont think many people would stay. You have to give them a reason to spread the word about your software. And spreading the word is good thats the traffic think about it!.... you have Youtubers up here and experienced marketers/bloggers thats been up here and thats the traffic. Get the traffic and then you can be stingy:) because now you have enough traffic to maybe starting payment plans to make more money. Appsumo to me is more like a place to present your new software so people could give honest reviews and spread the word after use so you can fix any problems you have and if your limiting even us how can we give a proper review. And if you present other software up here people would remember you and say he's reasonable and his software is amazing i'm going to buy this new one to. And You don't realize your Guarding software that needs the traffic to get out there by you giving only 15 uses(2-3) of your main feature. I've seen other sellers come up here with software just like others software that didnt sell and they new to give wiggle room and sold alot of software up here and i seen their softeware all over youtube/blogs and they even had affiliate help as well. Think about it! thanks

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Thank you for the review! If this deal is not suitable for your use case, please feel free to reach out to us at, and we will help you find the right solution.

The credit system is based on average usage. Our standard subscription also has 15 credits that are equal to 15 images from the database or 5 from Face Generator. Generator works in real time and creates completely unique images. This process is resource-intensive, and that's why there's a difference in monthly credits.

The AppSumo lifetime deal is for new users only. To those who need a large number of images either at once or regularly, we have other products: a bulk download, datasets, and an API. Besides, you can test the free version of the database and Face Generator and download only images that suit your project best.

We will review our usage data soon, and if there are any changes, we will consider adding more plans. Thank you again for your feedback!


Fun for the moment, not yet finish in my opinion

First, the bad part: The Face Generator: 2 tacos

I prefer to give positive feedback, which is impossible in this case. Been generating dozens of faces that looked like the result of decades of inbreeding between the hunchback of Notre Dame and his uglier sister; seriously, none of them closely resembled a human being that you would like to use on your site. That part, as it is now, seems fun but not that useful. Here is an example of triplets: or a perfect match if you were looking for that gender-neutral geriatric person wearing an earring:

Anonymizer: 2 tacos

After uploading the first image, I was happy with the result, but the second photo of another person resulted in more or less the same outcome. My picture (male in his early 50's with a bit of grey) resulted in 2 grey men and many much younger Asian-looking women. Anonymizer did not produce what I expected, more ugly old men.

Faces: 3-4 tacos

Filtering is not always accurate, but you will find some decent images here. Still a lot with bad cropping, but if you spend some time scrolling, you will find what you are looking for.

Somehow I am intrigued by the idea, and I can see this solution becoming valuable over time when more people provide feedback, and AI is fed with more and more examples.

I will keep it, provide feedback and hope it will improve in the coming year.

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Thank you for the feedback! We are constantly working on improvements and new features, so please stay tuned ;-)

Meanwhile, here are some tips for the apps.

There might indeed be artifacts in Face Generator. Since it creates images in real time, we cannot moderate them. General advice is to get a random face with no significant issues and then modify it. It is better to start with major modifications, such as changing skin tone or age, and then add more minor things such as makeup and accessories. Sometimes you can get rid of artifacts by changing the head pose or tweaking other parameters. Here are a couple of images I just generated:

Results in Anonymizer depend on the parameters of an uploaded image: its quality, angle, background, whether there's one face or many, etc. The more similar the photo's style is to the images in the database, the more chances there're to find synthetic look-alikes.

Hope it helps!