Hey, Skip!

Lifetime Deal

Branded retargeting short links with overlays, splash pages, and more!

Hey, Skip!

Lifetime deal

Branded retargeting short links with overlays, splash pages, and more!

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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

  • Hey, Skip!

    • All standard features (QR code, link control, etc)
    • Unlimited monthly clicks
    • Unlimited short links
    • 10 custom domain names (that you own)
    • Unlimited retargeting pixels
    • 100 overlays (create a small popup message with additional links)
    • Unlimited custom aliases for your links
    • Developer API access



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I love this tool!

I have always been looking for a tool which can redirect my translated videos to their language based on their location. This is the best tool of its kind!

You have the hability to redirect any link based on their location! I love!

You can also redirect people based on their device.

Also easy to Import many URL's to redirect.

I recommend!


One of my Top 5 Bitly Alternatives

noticed their offering here has already changed since December. Glad i bought early!

Mine says i am on the team plan with up to 10 members.

Plan Limits

3 out of Unlimited URLs

0 out of Unlimited Splash Pages

0 out of Unlimited Overlay Pages

0 out of Unlimited Tracking Pixels

0 out of 10 Team Members

1 out of 15 Custom Domain

Gonna right a quick post soon!

Should be a candidate for the Main deals section with how much you can do with your shortlinks! It replaced my Poplinks which was sold to Joturl last year.




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damn i just said right instead of write lol


also can you skip the Heyskip.com title branding on every iframe shortlink please and thank you!


Hi Mike,

i read your review about EditMate where you used HeySkip for URL creation.

Do you think i could achieve the same using Switchy, which i already have in my stack?

Or is HeySkip better to create custom URL´s for EditMate "channels"?

I value your input if you can share please.

Thank you in advance.


Funny name but it works all the same!

I have Switchy but Hey Skip is rather generous for 1 code. Would I recommend this? Yes, especially for users who doesn't want to fiddle with the setting. The UI can be improved. The data is so so but it's not all bad. If you can appreciate it for what it is, you will be happy to plonk some money down for a code. I suggest trying out Switchy before you buy this. You'll be a happier buyer then.

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Hi Terence,

i read your review and caught my attention. I bought Switchy and since you have used it and Hey Skip too, what would you say Hey Skip can do that i cannot achieve with Switchy?

If this is not stacking a similar tool that does pretty much the same, then i will go for Hey Skip as well as Switchy, both.

Appreciate your time, thank you in advance for your input.


Worth it

I have been considering using this for a while and finally moved forward, it is definitely worth it. I loved the ability to include multiple links at once, and it’s very user friendly. I’ve sent the generated links out a few times now and have had no hiccups at all.


Worked great

This works great and is easy to use. Enter your links, shorten, done.