2in1: Multiple Link Page for your Instagram & Social Media Buttons and Widgets for your Website

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No reviews yet, be the first! 2in1: Multiple Link Page for your Instagram & Social Media Buttons and Widgets for your Website

Lifetime deal
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  • 2in1: Multiple Link Page for your Instagram & Social Media Buttons and Widgets for your Website

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    $39 $220
    • Multiple Link Page Builder for your Instagram bio
    • Short URL for your inTouch page
    • More buttons & design variations
    • Custom sharing texts for Share buttons
    • Special Hover effects
    • Premium uLike Button for your website
    • Special Social Locker features
    • No copyrights
    • Special "Get More Visitors" popup features
    • Additional content in all widgets

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July 23, 2021


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Can I create widget in Portuguese? Thanks

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For now, all widgets support only English language, but you could enter additional texts on widgets in any language you want (in text boxes).



Thank you. At this time I would like to update at least to Portuguese just this fields:

These are in russian:



I hope, you created your set from EN localization, cause language of the buttons depends on language of uSocial at the moment of creation.

1. We are checking it now and will fix it today.

2. You could write your personal text for eyecatcher in textbox here:


Yes. I am always using the EN. However, I noticed it is changing it to Russian when it gives me the code. Maybe that is the bug. I removed the eye catching for now but I still have the issue with the names when hovering over the icons, which is not in EN.



We've already fixed this bug. Please check it once more and update code and set on your website. Thanks for reporting.



Is it really lifetime or it will expire in 10 years?


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It's just a system time in database, of cause lifetime deal will not be expired.




Hi Alexis,

- First of all, Congrats in launching with Appsumo

- Just tried it online and its looks good, very clean

- Not sure if you are aware, when I am updating the "set" in Share buttons or any other,

It's not reflecting where its embedded, I need to re-copy the coded again and paste it.

- Apart from that, Me Like It!

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, if you update any settings in your set, you need to update you embedded code. It reflects on fast load, cause we do not use back-end to load our widgets, in comparison with analogue widgets on the market. All settings included in final embedded code. That's why we are one of the fastest solutions.


Limits are unclear - how many websites - for one code and if the limits are less then will you allow stacking?

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You could create 30 widgets or pages in one account for unlimited amount of websites, but it's not a limit, just to prevent unwise use of our services. If you need more than 30 widgets, you could increase this limit through our support center without extra fees.


30 widgets limit is nothing!


info1721, 30 widgets/sets you could use in 30 websites. It's more than necessary for majority of our users. But if you need more, you could increase this limit for free.