Virtual Backgrounds for Video Conferencing

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3D virtual environments for Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and other platforms are all the rage.

Virtual Backgrounds for Video Conferencing

Digital download

3D virtual environments for Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and other platforms are all the rage.

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  • Virtual Backgrounds for Video Conferencing

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Officina Kreativa

January 13, 2021



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Great for Zoom meetings

I bought this deal because I need some nice backgrounds for Zoom meetings. I am very satisfied with the product. It was little crucial. It seems Zoom has made some changes since the last update.i load it from my machine into the client 8video - option, change the video. For me, it works perfect! Thanks and my 5 Tacos. I am waiting for some new stuff.


Can't be beat

Been using these, Love the animated ones. Broke the greenscreen out and people think it's real. Wish he'd make another set!


Great Backgrounds - In only wish I could get more!

I am on zoom calls every day of the week. Instead of showing a white wall or blurred background. I painted my wall green and add these virtual video backgrounds into zoom. I get compliments all the time and often people wander if it is real or a virtual.

This is definite buy recommendation for 9 bucks.


The backgrounds are digitally created (CGI)

It was my fault.

I didn't notice before purchasing this product that all the backgrounds are digitally created.

I would have never bought this product if I knew they were not real but low-quality CGI.

Once again, guys, it is not your fault but mine. I should have noticed it before buying these fake backgrounds.

I suggest you put a warning visible enough that these backgrounds are fake.

I just wasted my money. I have no use for this product.


Very misleading product

Hi there,

I use a bunch of recordingsoftware and this product gave me the assuption that it is a tool to change the background with will recording. But in fact it are just a bunch of background images .jpg which you can find all around the web. None of my recordingsoftware supports this, so i might use it for my teams meetings but that is not why i bought the product. Maybe it was my fault not going over all the details. It didn't cost a fortune, so i will survive :-)

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They are 27 3D backgrounds with the right perspective for videoconferencing, plus they're animated too, and more animated ones will be coming out soon (you got a license for future updates). I don't think you can find the same stuff anywhere. You can use them with popular platforms such as zoom, meet and teams. Surely you have received a lot more than what you paid for :)