Maymoune Power

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Boost communication for businesses with an iPhone, Android, iPad, and PWA (Progressive Web Apps) application

Maymoune Power

Lifetime deal

Boost communication for businesses with an iPhone, Android, iPad, and PWA (Progressive Web Apps) application

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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!

  • Maymoune Power Starter Plan

    • PWA (Progressive Web Apps) for mobile & Tablet & Pc & Mac & Linux
    • Back office Maymoune Power
    • Custom domain name
    • 500 Maymoune Power features
    • M-CMS content
    • 30 professional design themes
    • Unlimited number of pages
    • Secure Cloud Hosting
    • 500 GB of storage
    • Daily backups
    • Integrated SSL security
    • Push notification
    • SMS notification
    • Advanced statistics
    • SEO referencing
    • Platform update
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    • Premium technical support

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October 22, 2020



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Progressive and an Impressive Web Application

Ok initially I gave it 4 because there was no 4.5, however, I decided on 5 Tacos... here's why!

I am extremely busy but quick tested quite a bit of this product. The PWA - Progressive Web App (not the Mobile Native App part of the Maymoune solution which also has an AppSumo Lifetime deal).

Reviews are something I rarely give and 5 stars is something I almost never give and only for when the offering and what was delivered/available during testing was exceptional. It Should also have full documentation and video tutorials, meaning that I do not need to contact support (unless it's really necessary) RE: Docs mainly all French...but you need to read on...


(1) What put me over the edge this time was the level of detail, professionalism and enthusiastic support.

(2) The Application's potential and connectivity.

Price: $49.0

This is a well-crafted design of a product, fully functional and easy to use which just added more to its appeal.

Building your PWA App:

If you have content ready (pictures/text/WordPress website posts), it really is "plug and play".

And I highly suggest you play with this allot - it's fun to use.

CNAME Integration:

Yes...What is important is the URL to the platform is your own subdomain

The PWA app URL where your customers navigate is also the same CNAME.

The difference is the platform uses

The customer's, PWA App uses just the first part followed by /blog or /login etc


The App is FULLY Customisable and can even use CSS if required, which is in some very, very rare situations.

There is no mention of the Manufacturer/Developer.


It's fast...When the PWA platform syncs with WordPress it's impressively fast and changes made on the platform are instant after hitting the update button.


This is a synced platform, like DropBox. (500 GB max storage)

You can enter content and create blogs directly or via a synced WordPress site.

It's a PWA:

Some of my members will really love the fact it's a mobile app look and feel, that requires NO App Store. Android and Apple devices recognise and offer/provide the option to save the link and convert it to a Home Screen Icon.

You can broadcast on the PWA sending notifications about content you want users of the PWA-app to see.

Customer's/Member's Posting Content:

Pictures, video and audio can be uploaded and controlled by a membership area login if you require.


No complaints it does what it's supposed to do from a PWA perspective.

There is too much functionality/potential to praise, it won't fit in a Review!


Documentation and Video tutorials in English is lacking, but if you get the speedy, dedicated and enthusiastic professional support that I got, it balances itself out perfectly.

I'm pretty confident "Dragan" will do the same for you too :-)

Conclusion: Buy it Today! - you will really be surprised, I guarantee you!

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Thank you for these 5 fabulous Tacos. I am currently working to have the documentation online and in as many languages as possible. It will be available very soon.

See you soon

Best regards



Produit au top

Trés facile et en meme temps si complet et tout ça sans avoire de compétence dans le degitale.

Il est vraiment complet AU TOOOOOP.

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Merci pour ton partage :)

Je te souhaite le meilleur pour ton site, ton application et ton business



Amazing product ! Very cool

Maymoune Power is cool to use. I am not very strong in technique and that falls because with maymoune, there is none. I was able to create a photo gallery very easily and even import my photos from facebook. I'm testing the internal CMS and it's really really easy to use.

I haven't finished testing everything because we can do a lot of things but I put 5 tacos in a row! The quality is there and Dragan answered questions very quickly. Thank you ! I recommend maymoune to the community and when I go e-commerce, I will buy maymoune shop.

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Hi Julia,

Thanks you so much for the review !

Best regards



This could be your ticket to launching your dreams

Literally just got access (within the stated 24 hours). I can tell you firstly, Dragan is working his ass off to make this software a success. Of course, I haven't got to publish anything (I just got access a few min ago) but let me tell you from a dev perspective. I build a lot of stuff for a lot of different purposes. This is a one-way ticket to a full-blown platform just for your brand. Depending on how you market it, you could potentially create your own little niche of a following. Not only do you have almost full control of every single little detailed design aspect (I also have the shop app and played with it for a few hours while emailing Dragan back and forth about things), you have plenty of amazing built-in features and add ons. One thing that really really sticks out to me is the API function. I have never in my life seen an API that is point and click easy. AND< the API documentation is right there as well to guide you every step of the way. If you have never dealt with API this might be the absolute best crash course you can get for simple API/JSON adaptability. There are so many things you can do inside of here that it is making my head spin around. Depending on the price for the native apple and google apps... this could be a total package solution. You will only really be able to use it for one brand, but even if you paid the full price for the native apps after, you are still getting a huge bargain. Hiring a dev to build an app on apple market place alone could cost you tens of thousands. Even if you have no idea how to use this app or what to do with it... this is one of the best uses of your money and time, if not to simply learn about how PWA and apps in general work... to tinker with the platform and see what you can make. The whole time I was messing with it I was asking myself... why not just do mobile-only? It's not like anyone under the age of 20 really uses a laptop for much of anything except homework and Netflix. This will make you mobile AF. Trust me.

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Hello Chief_McConnell,

Thanks you very much for the big review :) Very happy for you that you liked the product.

See you soon

Best regards



Very easy to use and fast


I have tried a lot of wordpress plugins which transforms into PWAs but I was always disappointed. Maymoune Power is the best in my tests. Already it is cheaper than many others and on top of that it doesn't stop at the PWA. I will be able to connect my youtube channel when I start it. Thank you Maymoune!

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Hi Steed27,

Thanks you very much for you review :)

Best regards