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1 year deal
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  • MeetFox Premium Plan

    Payment of

    $99 $504
    • Schedule unlimited meetings
    • Send customizable SMS & Email meeting reminders
    • MeetFox HD video meetings for up to 16 participants
    • Create booking questionnaires to pre-qualify leads
    • Charge for your services with instant payments powered by Stripe
    • Record and share your meetings
    • Add your own logo and branding to your email signature, booking page, meeting links and dashboard
    • Use your own web domain (CNAME) for your customized booking link
    • Embed and customize the MeetFox scheduler on any website or CMS
    • Multi-party bookings with round robin and collective scheduling features
    • Stack 2 codes: get 1 Premium admin account + 1 Premium account team member
    • Stack 3 codes: get 1 Premium admin account + 2 Premium account team members
    • etc. etc. etc.

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October 15, 2021



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