So I want to start a YouTube channel and become an actual content creator. I don't intend to be "another person who tries be a YouTuber." I am dedicated to put in the work that's needed because what is 5 years of hard work to accomplish what you desperately want in contrast to 40 years of working for someone else and never actually achieving your deepest desires and goals. Without question, I am interested in making this a very profitable business with branches stretching outside YouTube and video's to livestreams, podcasts, affiliate marketing etc. I would love to be able to follow this course if it would help me attain my goal. My problem is, I find it very hard to determine what kind of content I want to make and what niche I should focus on. If I buy this course, is there some sort of guarantee that I will find what works for me in my view of success on YouTube and outside, if I follow this course? I need a good and trustworthy coach to make this dream of mine come true.