How to Make a $1,000 a Month Business Course Review: Best Value for Money Business E-Course in the Multiverse!

Aside from the humour-laced abundance of NO BS tips & tricks from Noah (a tried and true practitioner), AND the fact that anyone who uses this course can AND will make my $$ before they even finish if they actually DO IT... 🤑Counting my $$ right now... The BEST part is obviously the RIDICULOUS price point! $7 is laughable. Who does that? In a world waiting to fleece you for every penny at ANY chance, take rest in the much-needed alternative that is Monthly1K.

I got more tangible results from this $7 course in 2 days than I got in a WHOLE YEAR on a Master's in Education Entrepreneurship in Finland that costs $20,000! (I didn't pay the 20K of course, because I'm not a fool, but other people could've saved the 20K and just dropped into the AppSumo wave for a weekend instead).

The course is super-easy to follow, FUN and the other course peeps are solid in the chat. By applying the so-simple-they-ought-to-be-common-sense-but-they're-not tricks in the course, I made money with a mind-boggling amount of ease and had a blast doing it! 🚀

Now, instead of waiting to reach the elusive Perfection Pinnacle in the distance, I just started testing good enough ideas that I already had to get potential customer insights quick-smart. As a result, I abandoned one idea (before spending months and money on it) and switched to something that actually works, because people actually want it. It's an EPIC facepalm to do it any other way, don't be that guy.

With Monthly1K course participants can stop dilly-dallying and just start doing! If you're stuck for ideas, the course WILL help with that. If you know what you want, it'll help you to refine it, just to be sure you're not barking up the wrong tree. If you just need an encouraging kick up the A$$ to get going out IRL, there's one of them in there for you too.

Improvements...? Actually I'm a no holds barred critical AF friend who almost always has a suggestion and nothing major comes to mind? As a seasoned educator, I was pleasantly surprised by Noah's knack as a natural teacher. I guess you could outline the expectations and timeline at the start? So I don't accidentally break the rules! A few surface feature grammatical tweaks, but that's just the teacher in me. NBD. Some of the links need to be refreshed. Altogether the best $7 I've ever spent and NO I don't say that to every seller, because I think they want to hear it. Just get the course people. $7, you have no excuses now!