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Disclaimer: The Multimedia5 lifetime offer has ended. However, you can still get yearly access to the Starter Plan for the discounted and locked price of $36 (retail value: $60). You'll be able to renew every year on the Multimedia5 website at $36. 

Making videos isn’t as simple as YouTube conspiracy theorists make it look (and 10 other things they don’t want you to know!).

You’ve gotta deal with timing, music, visuals, and text — all at once.

Wouldn’t life be simpler if there was a tool that streamlined the video process into a few quick clicks?

Introducing Multimedia5.


Quickly turn blog posts, news articles, product pages, and plain text into high-quality videos optimized for social media

Alternative to: Webbitz

Access millions of stock photos, videos, and soundtracks in the media library and use advanced AI to automate video editing

Best for: Publishers, agencies, and small businesses who want to drag-and-drop their way to engaging social media videos

Multimedia5 is a smart video creation platform that uses powerful AI to automate production, giving you fast, high-quality content for social media.

From the Multimedia5 dashboard you can choose how you’d like to start making a video. Select from ready-made video templates, media searches and uploads, or inputting URLs and text-based content.

Most users will likely use the web page/blog post option, and Multimedia5 can’t make it any simpler.

Just input your content into the tool, and the AI summarizes it into individual scenes for a ready-made storyboard.

Choose from media searches, templates, or inputting URLs/text to start making your video.

The storyboard is automatically mapped with photos, videos, and graphics all relevant to the base content.

That’s because Multimedia5’s AI can analyze over 29 different types of web pages to streamline the production process.

Relax while Multimedia5 takes care of scene length, highlighted keywords, font size, and even a credit scene to make sure everything is cool with copyright laws. Just like that, you’re more than halfway done.

After a quick pat on the back, all you need to do is edit it.

Automatically generate a storyboard with photos, videos, graphics, and highlighted text!

Editing is easier than ordering at a Wendy’s drive-thru (“Four frosties and a...No, four...Yes, frosties...What? No, chocolate...”)

Simply select which text from the article you’d like for your scenes, or write your own, and then drag-and-drop media from the library sidebar to suit your needs.

From there, it’s only a matter of choosing text placement and music.

Hit the preview button to see how it all looks, add any finishing touches, and your video is ready to go.

Easily edit your videos with intuitive toolsets, including drag-and-drop media functionality.

Of course, Multimedia5 gives you all the options you need with their extensive media library.

You’ll gain access to millions of combined stock photos, videos, and soundtracks, plus templates to edit and make your own.

It’s all easily searchable with keywords, letting you refine results by specific genres or themes.

With resources like these, you’ll be creating professional videos with minimal effort.

Get access to millions of photos, videos, and soundtracks in the media library.

If there’s one undeniable fact in the Internet Age, it’s that people like videos (maybe a little too much).

You could spend tons of time and money producing and editing your own, or you could let Multimedia5 handle the tedious parts for you.

Make things easier on yourself while giving the people what they want.

Get one year of access to Multimedia5 today!

P.S. Learn how to use Multimedia5 like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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    • Deal Terms
      • 1 Year access to Multimedia5 Annual Starter Plan

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      • 1 Year of Starter Plan updates

      • Please note: This deal is not stackable

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      • Annual deals are not stackable with previous LTD deals

      • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

    • Multimedia5 Annual Starter Plan

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      • Single seat license

      • Text analysis and text-to-video technology

      • Intelligent media mapping

      • Standard media library included—10,000,000+ free media files

      • Premium media files Included

      • 720p video resolution

      • No Multimedia5 logo

      • Upload your own photos and videos

      • Royalty-free license

      • 1 GB of storage space

      • 10 font options

      • 5 videos per month

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