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Notetracks Pro

Lifetime Deal

Collaborate on audio projects with ease and get feedback directly on your tracks

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Notetracks Pro

Lifetime deal

Collaborate on audio projects with ease and get feedback directly on your tracks

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May 23, 2022



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Family archival project

I bought the product to use on podcast audio, and it is an effective tool for that. Straightforward to use and to get started.

Also, I am using it for a family project. I have recorded audio from elderly relatives where they are describing their childhood memories and experiences through to starting their families. I started this as an audio project to capture the "voices of our extended family".

Using Notetracks I am now going through the audio and putting a comment on the audio track that highlights a specific family photo that I will look for, and then combine into an overall video output. The great advantage of the comments field is that I can look for similar comments across several relatives and combine them into a single track component.


For anybody working with audio or video!

Several months ago, I started my podcast. There is too much bad content out there, and I don't want to step into the trap of thinking that my content is good enough without revisions. So I did what I do with every blog post, YouTube video, Facebook, or Instagram post, I sent it to a ton of people to check it out and give me feedback.

Compared to the feedback I usually receive for my visual or written content, it was a mess. The feedback was not connected to specific audio timestamps, and I had to jump back and forth to find out what they actually meant. So, there was certainly some pain.

This is why I tried Notetracks. At first glance, I didn't plan to keep it but after working with it I don't want to let it go at all. I got such amazing, valuable and precise feedback for my second podcast episode - really awesome! I love the small feature making it possible to import tags into Adobe Audition (and Audacity btw). It is all about the details when it comes to software (and there are plenty of details making it easy to give feedback in any possible way! Voice messages - how cool is that?!?). In addition, people (giving feedback) told me, that it was actually fun to work with it - and this is my experience, too.

I work with videos, too - and the short videos I uploaded were uploaded pretty fast (impressive), and feedback worked flawlessly. I definitely recommend stacking up some codes, especially if you work with videos. However, you can just delete your old videos/audios, so that you can free up space.

Furthermore, I had a fantastic Zoom call with Kam. They are committed. I am convinced that this is the beginning of a big success story.

So, this is a MUST buy for:

- musicians (!!!)

- podcast creators

- YouTubers

- course creators (working with video)

- anybody else creating audio or video content


Good app!

During the first deal for Notetracks Pro I picked up 1 code. It seemed like a useful app, but I was hesitant to invest more, as I was not confident about the developer's commitment to the app. Since then I have come to appreciate the app more, wishing I had bought more codes.

I think it is an excellent app for exchanging thoughts about audio tracks. It works well, and the UI includes some useful functions we've become use to in DAWs, such as easy control of zooming in and out, looping, jumping between markers of sections or comments, and a good set of keyboard shortcuts for speeding up the workflow.

I am happy for the opportunity to get a couple more codes to increase the number of projects I can have.

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Hey there! Thanks for the amazing review + feedback! Super glad you appreciate the familiarity and integration with the DAWs. We're committed and continue work on tons of features behind the scenes but hope we've been able to better communicate our progress. Here's our new roadmap board to streamline that:

Thanks again for your support and great to have you on board!


Top Notch - Your Clients Will Love It

Notetracks Pro is excellent for providing FOCUSED feedback and collaboration instead of just general text comments that can be mis-interpreted. You and your clients can go to specific areas and tweak to perfection without a lot of back and forth.

The customer service from Kam is also top-notch and I highly recommend stacking up and getting this NOW before it's gone again.


Ground Breaking Software

Notetracks Pro is an amazing piece of software, if you're a music producer or mixing engineer like me then this is going to save so much time. No more, 'can you turn up the higher harmony vocal in the part just before the pre-chorus', just point, click, and comment!

I also like that you can add more tracks and compare them in real time. This is great as I often send multiple options to the artist, so they can check which version they like more. This is truly an amazing deal you don't want to miss out on, and I look forward to what's coming next. Oh, and by the way the support is super quick, I noticed a bug that was fixed just hours later.